Story:First Gujarati settled in Mauritius


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This is the life story of Mayaram Soni who was a smalltime Gold smuggler from the village of Mahuva in Saurasthra region of Gujarat. How Mayaram landed up in Mauritius, settled there and brought 80 Gujarati families from Gujarat to Mauritius is interesting story for all Gujarati living in Mauritius.

This episode is especially dedicated to Gujarati people residing in Mauritius who listen to our episodes regularly. According to information that DeshGujarat has, in Mauritius there are 800 Gujarati speaking people. This story will be important for them. The story is taken from Harilal Godani’s book ‘Lejo Lahaavo Lok’ which is now facing extinction. First face of story is dialogue between young Mayaram Soni and his mother. After Dhol, second face starts which have storytelling sailing from Gujarat to Madagascar and upto Mauritius.


One of the activities at DeshGujarat is to collect old, vanishing, out of print Gujarati books which are really worth and are so special that we Gujarati people can not afford to loose them.

For this cause, DeshGujarat visits ‘Gujari bazaar’ in Ahmedabad, frequently and scan the old-discarded book selling area there, in search of such books. DeshGujarat is proud owner of some hundred books of this kind.

Some books are so wonderful that they deserve reprint, but it is a costly affair and even after reprint, selling them may be another problem area. In such circumstances audio book can be the answer.

‘Lejo Lahaavo Lok’ was the book written by late Shri Dr. Haribhai Godani in 1976. The book is no more available anywhere for last several years and DeshGujarat fetched it from ‘Gujari market’. This book has amazing documentation and real as well as folk stories which were written after hard field work by writer. is trying to republish this book’s some wonderful chapters in audio mp3 format. Here is one of the chapters from this book ‘Mayaram Soni’, Which is dedicated to all the Gujarati listeners of DeshGujarat.Com from Mauritius.

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