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Mrugesh Shah is 28 years old Gujarati young man who finished his education of bachelor in computer applications and started last year a Gujarati literature website Mrugesh spends daily two to three hours to update and maintain this website single handedly. He has passion for Gujarati literature, but can this passion become a profession too eventually? in exclusive interview with Mrugesh in his residence at Baroda asks this and
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How ReadGujarati was conceived first?

Mrugesh says he was a writer by heart but when he searched for a platform where he could start writing, there was none. Established publications were giving a node only to established writers. Mrugesh then decided to come with his own platform on web and started ReadGujarati.Com to write for his pleasure and to give other emerging writers a platform too.

When did he start ReadGujarati ?

Mrugesh started from his drawing room based computer desk and few Gujarati books that he used to own. He is still doing the same.

How did he start ReadGujarati ?

Mrugesh used to take one chapter from the Gujarati authors’ books. One chapter from one book, so that copyright problem may not arise but on the other hand author and book can be benefited and it’s sale can be boosted. Mrugesh already was Bachelor of Computer Application so there was no problem about technical end. He used Word press Unicode for ReadGujarati.Com.

How was the initial response?

Mrugesh says initial response was obviously poor. Very few friends were reading it.

How did audience grow?

Audience grew due to word of mouth, search engine ranking and cross publicity given to him by magazines and newspapers.

What are the feedbacks from readers?

Mrugesh says some of the feedbacks are amazing. One was the feedback fromU.S by husband and wife. Husband said he gifted this website to her wife who liked reading Gujarati but did not know about Gujarati reading site on the net. One feedback was from Russia recently where a person told in email that he never could imagine there in Russia that he could read Gujarati literature. Mrugesh says there are responses from even Kongo like small countries (DeshGujarat has same experience).

How frequently ReadGujarati is updated?

Mrugesh says ReadGujarati.Com is updated daily in the morning with two new items. Quotations are programmed in a manner that it updates automatically daily.

What types of content Mrugesh prefers for ReadGujarati?

Mrugesh says he is not in a favor of putting sensational material on his site which can provoke someone or can make reader’s nature bit more aggressive. He is in a favor of publishing the stuff which can make a reader feeling like he is sitting under cool neem tree.

What is powerful? Print or Net?

Mrugesh says net media is not an alternative of print media. Print is powerful and will be there. Net is optional and can cater in a best way where print is absent.

What can be a revenue model?

Mrugesh shah runs his website on his own. He types articles himself, He edit them, choose them, publish them, make a computer programming for his site, he bears all server expenses on his own. There is no revenue so far except comments and feedbacks he earns. Mrugesh says that there is no plan to go to paid option for readers in future. He says he can make a book out of contributing writers and poets submission to his site and may sell it and earn for ReadGujarati.Com project. It should be noted that this same model is already implemented by poetry sites from U.S. and U.K.

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