Sanedo Dance:Glimpse from Gujarat(multi)

This is the first video episode on DeshGujarat.Com and it’s a new year gift to our visitors.Our logo has also changed and has accommodated Video and Text signs along with the radio. In this post, Watch how Gujaratis enjoy Sanedo. This video was captured by in family function on the occasion of small pre-wedding celebration in Ahmedabad. The song in this video is original from Maniraj Barot’s c.d. We will improve video quality in the forthcoming posts, that’s the promise.

Along with this first video of DeshGujarat.Com, Here we present DeshGujarat’s first podcast also which was released in Navratri. DeshGujarat.Com was not born at that time and the podcast was released in parent site.This podcast is old but has great content about basic introduction of Sanedo. Uneven voice Level is regretted in this audio.Also this is the highest heard Gujarati audio episode on net. It has finished download figure which is more than the seats of two biggest auditoriums of Ahmedabad combine. This episode‚Äôs listening is much higher than BBC pod cast episode on odeo site.

Download audio episode

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