21st March brings special sunrise to Modhera Sun temple(Video)

Modhera, DeshGujarat

Every year, on 21st of March, Sun rises exactly in front of the Modhera Sun temple in north Gujarat. Sun showers it’s first light on the part where there was an idol of God Surya(Sun God) earlier in medieval time in this temple. Sunrise creates a beautiful pink light square in the temple exactly on the place where idol was used to be.It seems that temple was designed in such manner to serve this purpose.

It is said that Sun God’s Idol was demolished by oppressor Muslim ruler while islamic advent and rule in Gujarat. Nowadays the core part of the temple where earlier there was an idol is closed and locked. So we could see pink light flowing and concentrating on that locked door.

To witness this scene we three curious visitors(a writer of this note, Gaurav Pandit and Pankaj patel) went to Modhera temple in the dark of early morning before sunrise. We woke up at 3.00 A.M. in the morning, started our journey from Ahmedabad at 4.00 A.M. and traveled to Modhera through Mehsana.

It was wonderful experience to witness Sunrise and its pink effect on this temple’s core part.Grand stone made structure of Sun temple was emerging from black dark, birds were singing, Birds’ orchestra was active singing their early morning songs in chorus, a rural man in white turban was busy feeding peacocks. Temptation and hurry to not only catch the moment but also click and shoot the moment was very much there among us.

Excellently concentrated pink square remained there for some minutes.I have a suggestion too for tourism department that it should trim the trees obstructing Sun to shower its light on the core part fully. Soon after some minutes of enchanting pink square view, sun started shining darker and therefore a beautiful Pink Square turned in to yellow uneven unpleasant shape. Reaching on the right time was absolutely necessary and thanks that we were on the right time there, before the sunrise. Enjoy raw video of moments that we witnessed.




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