Creator of History Narrates it:Sam Manekshaw’s Speech(Video)

Sam Manekshaw’s Speech at Ahmedabad, Gujarat
Narration of a meeting with Indira Gandhi before Bangladesh war

Ahmedabad, DeshGujarat

Hailing originally from Valsad, in South Gujarat, Field Marshal Sam Manekshaw used to visit Gujarat often. One of his last visits happened in year 2000 to Ahmedabad. It was an award function organized by Ahmedabad Management Association in IIM Ahmedabad’s Ravi Mathai auditorium.

Field Marshal Sam Manekshaw was in his upbeat mood and delivered an excellent, impressive and motivating speech like always.

This part of a video presented above has Field Marshal Sam Manekshaw’s narration of his one remarkable experience with Indira Gandhi and her central leadership before the Great Bangladesh war was decided.

Field Marshal narrated his this particular experience to make understand the audience, how his moral courage helped him not to become a ‘Yes Man’ but a ‘Man of Moral’ at the time of taking important decision about whether to jump in Bangladesh war hastily or to wait for favorable time to make a victory certain.

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