Narendra Modi announces ‘Suraksha University’ in Gujarat(Video)

Narendra Modi announces ‘Suraksha University’ in Gujarat

By Chandresh Vyas,
Palanpur, DeshGujarat on 15th of August, 2008

At the function organized in Palanpur’s police stadium to celebrate 62nd Independence day Gujarat Chief Minister Narendra Modi announced formation of independent ‘Suraksha University’ in Gujarat with courses for all the latest disciplines regarding security. He also re-announced his decision of setting up a forensic science university in Gujarat.

Reaffirming his firm determination to enhance the preparedness of the State against the terror-menace, Chief Minister said, “Special training module for the police force that would inculcate scientific attitude in the force coupled with sophisticated techniques to detect crime, to solve the most complex criminal cases, Forensic Science University would be established in the State.”

In the State level celebrations of the 62nd Independence Day, Chief Minister wearing saffron turben unfurled the Trio at Palanpur amidst cheers and jubilations of the citizens. He expressed his deep conviction to annihilate terrorism. “Gujarat has taken up the challenge to awaken consciousness and awareness of the society against the terrorism. Gujarat is committed to establish “Suraksha University” and Forensic Science University in the State” he said.

Modi cautioned pseudo-secularists against demoralizing security forces in their fight against terror. He said “efforts intended to deplete the spirit of security forces may lead to the great crisis. There were no terror attacks since last six years. Why such elements are silent when terrorists have taken away the lives of innocent citizens? Those who give patronage to the terrorists, those who speaks the language of terrorists, they are also the culprits like terrorists.”

Modi criticized Central government on Amarnath issue, vote bank politics and casteism. Modi asked “Why government is reluctant to follow high court order on Amarnath land transfer issue ? Why government works under the pressure of few elements?”

Modi announced that the state government will increase the upper age limit for all the jobs in the state by three years for the benefit of unemployed youths. Announcing three years relaxation in the upper age limit, he said, “From today onwards, to appear in the competitive exams, during the current year, Government has decided to offer three years relaxation to the candidates.”

“By the year 2010, seats capacity in Medical Education would witness the three fold rise, adding 4000 seats in medical field.”He said.

He also declared to open up medical colleges in Kutch and north Gujarat. “Citing the tremendous success of 108 Emergency services, that saves a human life in every seventh minutes, all the 26 districts will get 108 E.M.R.I. services during the current year” he announced.

“Only Delhi-Mumbai Corridor would offer significant impetus to the Industrial Development, which over shadows the development that has occurred in the State during the last 40 years. Capital investment of millions of rupees, offering ample opportunities of industrial development in the region.”Modi said.

He made an appeal to contribute for the Nirogi-Bal year. “For sixty years, the rulers could not lead the nation on the right path; it is unfortunate that the country having human force of 100 Crores has lagged behind” He said urging the citizens to realize the dreams of our great leaders and freedom fighters. “Gujarat is the first state to come forth in fighting the Global warming and climate change” he said. He dwelt upon drip irrigation, wind energy, Gobar-Bank, C.N.G.Transport systems, gas-grid, and landmark initiatives in environment safety.

‘Zero tollerence’ to terrorism

Earlier on the eve of independence day, Modi in his address to the people of Gujarat said that law would not spare terrorists and they would also be punished by the god. He assured commitment for ‘Zero tolerance’ to terrorism in Gujarat.

“We have remained successful in curbing terror attacks for the last six years but cowards have back stabbed us, they have targeted hospitals, taking lives of innocent people.It is not my job to lecture the nation. How can we allow such outfits to spill blood of innocents in the land of Mahatma Gandhi and Sardar Patel?” He said.

Narendra Modi’s 15th August 2008 Palanpur Speech Video(4 parts)

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