Where there’s a will,there’s a Gujarat and there’s a Narendra Modi

Where there’s a will,there’s a Gujarat and there’s a Narendra Modi
by Rupang Bhatt
Ahmedabad, DeshGujarat on 20th of August, 2008

Gujarat Police chief PC Pande,Chief Minister Narendra Modi,Home Minister Amit Shah with policemen

Our Politicians

As soon as the news about Ahmedbad blasts mastermind Abu Bashr’s arrest by Gujarat police anti terrorist Squad spread, Congress leader from Uttar Pradesh Ram Naresh Yadav reached to the house of Abu Bashr and consoled his parents. Ram Naresh Yadav also reportedly promised that he would take Abu Bashr’s wrongful arrest matter to the Congress high-command.

Soon after the arrests of Abu Bashr and 9 other Ahmedabad blasts accused, Lalu Prasad Yadav in Delhi talking to the reporters said that innocent people were being targeted by Narendra Modi and Gujarat police and innocent people(like Abu Bashr )should not be arrested. He continued to express his support to SIMI and sticked to his earlier statement that bane on SIMI was not necessary.

In Ahmedabad, on the occassion of Silk festival organized at Karnavati Club, Congress leader and Union Minister of Textile, Shankarsinh Vaghela talked to the reporters that police might have caught innocent Muslims as terrorists. He also expressed possibility that bombs in Surat were planted by Narendra Modi’s brigade for political gain.

In Delhi, jobless Congressman Digvijay Singh said in his interview that whenever BJP was in trouble, bomb blasts happened in the country. Digvijay Singh claimed that VHP and RSS were involved in bomb making.

And plenty of fashionable secular media persons too jumped in to telecast and publish Abu Bashr’s parents and brothers and villagers ‘our man is innocent’ brand statements.

Our Terrorist

Now look at the Irony. When our Congress men and their allies were passing all nonsense statements like these and more and section of our media was generating sympathetic stories about Abu Bashr and his family to woo Muslims, the man Abu Bashr whom they were trying to project as ‘The Great Indian innocent Muslim-2008 targeted by fascist Narendra Modi government’ was himself confessing his involvement in Ahmedabad blasts in presence of a resident judge.

Mufti Abu Bashr before the metropolitan magistrate JK Pandya at his Vastrapur Government officers colony resident on late Saturday evening in Ahmedabad admitted that the 26 July serial blasts in Ahmedabad were a result of meticulous planning with specific roles cut out for every individual. Disclosing that he had prior knowledge of the attacks, he also confessed before judge JK Pandya that the blasts were executed by Qayamuddin Kapadia Ilias Abdul Kapadia and his men. He agreed to reveal everything about the blasts to the police.

Judge JK Pandya then after sent Abu Bashr to 14 days remand. Abu Bashr was presented before the judge in connection with the Maninagar blasts. Maningar resident Harshad Halan had lodged a complaint on July 26 soon after the blasts in which he had stated that a cycle bomb had exploded when he and three others were at a tea stall near Maninagar square around 6.30-6.45 pm when a blast injured them all.

Other nine accused were presented before the urgent metropolitan magistrate in connection with blasts that occurred in the Civil hospital.

It should be noted that Qayamuddin Kapadia whom Abu Bashr claimed as a main conspirator of Ahmedabad blasts lives in Vadodara’s Yakutpura area. Police say he owns a factory ‘Mona Rubber Stamps’ on the outskirts of the city. He is evading arrest and on the top of absconding list.

Now so far, in police interrogation Abu Bashr has confessed that he was present in Ahmedabad on the day of the blasts. Bashr had made his base in Ahmedabad for two months and had stayed at a rented house in Vatva from where he controlled the entire operations.

So when even terrorist himself confessed his participation in Ahmedabad bomb blasts, champions of Muslim cause our politicians were singing different songs of ‘innocent Muslims being victimized’ and were acting like ‘B’ team of Indian Muzahidins.

Our Media

When press photographers and news channel camera crews were shooting accused presented by Gujarat police in Crime Branch campus on Saturday, one accused Sajeed Mansuri showed ‘V’ for victory sign to the photographers. When press photographers lead higher police officer’s attention to this shocking and surprising incident, officer said none of the accused had any sign of remorse on face while interrogation. Interestingly when Gujarat police had picked this Sajeed Mansuri from his Bharuch house, media had rushed to interview Sajeed’s wife in Surat. Media then after highlighted statements by Sajeed’s wife that Sajeed was innocent!!One Gujarat based daily published photograph of Sajeed’s children to generate more sympathy. This daily newspaper quoting Sajeed’s wife also published that Sajeed was victimized because he was a Muslim!

Yes, same Sajeed who showed ‘V’ for victory sign in Crime Branch compound in presence of Camera persons from media.

When intense police investigation of Ahmedabad blasts case was going on, media was completely negative in it’s attitude. While some newspapers were leaking police probe information which could affect adversely to the process of investigation, some other newspapers published news-reports in cheapest possible manner about police’s inefficiency to solve the blasts case.

Thankfully police officers had almost banned media persons to enter into the Crime-Branch premises. Police officers hardly received journalists’ calls in intense investigations days. Police appointed an officer as a spokes person who was like a Santa Clause distributing talks full of goodies and sweets but never news. Sometime police mislead journalists to divert their attention and energy to some other side, completely opposite to the real investigation path. This all helped in cracking the case so early if not so easily.

Our nation

It would be interesting to know that Abu Bashr was detained in Uttar Pradesh on 14th of August itself but Mayavati government’s local police was not ready to extend it’s support for issuing summons. It was only after unavoidable pressure by central intelligence agency and state based investigative agency, that Abu Bashr was arrested with the help of a Muslim DIG level police officer by Special Task Force of UP. After Bashr was handed over to Gujarat police officer Himanshu Shukla who was camping in Uttar Pradesh for this special task, Mayavati administration insisted that without Court custody and transit warrant they would not allow to send Abu Bashr to Gujarat. Mayavati government demanded case diary and other documents. On Saturday morning Gujarat government specially hired an airplane and sent Maninagar police station’s case diary and other documents to Lucknow. After favorable court order in Lucknow when Gujarat police entered into the Lucknow airport with Abu Bashr, CISF staff deployed there denied entry apprehending possible hijack by this dangerous terrorist. At last Gujarat police had to arrange a special plane to bring Abu Bashr to Gujarat.

Such as apathy and we only can wonder how come we would be able to tackle terrorism in such nation with given bunch of politicians and system.

Now read some parts of extra ordinary ET article by Bharti Jain ‘Kerala goes soft on Simi, country pays’ here: In Kerala after SIMI’s now well-known Binanipuram training camp, the Kerala police rounded up 18 Simi activists on August 15, 2006. Of these, five were named in the FIR. The others were let off after questioning. The investigations never went beyond these five arrests. Sometime later, even these five were released on bail after the police failed to bring charges against them for indulging in terrorist activity. Two of the released, Shaduli and Ansar Moulavi, also attended the second Simi’s now well-known training camp at Vagamon, Idukki, in December and January 2007. The two would later be arrested by the Rajasthan police for their alleged role in the May 13 serial blasts in Jaipur.

Kerala home minister Kodiyeri Balakrishnan said the state government was under “pressure” to set the Simi men free. “Terrorists are operating in Kerala. But their main activities are outside the state. When we took police action against some of them, there was a hue and cry from human rights activists saying that minorities were being targeted,” he told reporters in Alappuzha. Such an attitude emboldened Simi to hold another training session for around 40 cadres from UP, MP, Delhi, Gujarat, Karnataka and Jharkhand in December-January 2007.

Even for the 2007 Simi training camp, a case was registered at the Mundakkayam police station on June 19, 2008, but no investigation was undertaken. It be recalled that the Kerala assembly had in 2006 passed a unanimous resolution demanding the release of Coimbatore blasts accused and PDP leader Abdul Nasser Madani on “humanitarian and medical” grounds.

The leader, incarcerated in a Tamil Nadu jail since 1998, is said to have been ailing at the time. Not only this, CPM T K Hamza even called on the PDP leader in jail in March 2006, after which Madani announced his support for the LDF in the 2006 assembly elections.

The PDP chief was named as accused number 14 in the 1998 Coimbatore blasts charge sheet and charged with arranging the explosives and being part of the criminal conspiracy behind the blasts that killed 58 people. Madani was acquitted by the sessions court in 2007.

Read the things given above? It’s clear enough that ours is a weak nation that can’t deal with terrorism well because of our politicians, section of media and sometime human right organizations.

Our Leader: The Narendra Modi

But there is a light, there is a silver lining surfacing from dark clouds. Narendra Modi has emerged as a clean, strict and result giving leader. He has emerged as a textbook example of leadership that India needs today. Gujarat police could crack the Ahmedabad blasts case in three weeks only because of will power that Narendra Modi showed on behalf of his government to nabb terrorists. Narendra Modi government extended full support and gave complete freedom to investigating team therefore it could perform.

After 26th July blasts in Ahmedabad, Narendra Modi had called immediate cabinet meeting on 27th July morning. Gujarat state police chief P.C.Pande was also called there. Modi decided to form a Task force coordination committee under the leadership of principal secretary(home). Forensic Science Laboratory chief, Gujarat police chief, secretory Law and Order and IB chief were four members of this committee. This committee was formed to coordinate with other state government’s concern departments that deal with similar blasts investigations in their states. Amit Shah, minister of state for home in Gujarat had said “We can not look at Ahmedabad blasts in isolated way. Ahmedabad blasts were part of nation-wide series of acts of terror.”

Modi and Shah rightly judged Ahmedabad blasts as part of Pan-India Islamic Jeehadi movement and formed high level co-ordination committee to facilitate Gujarat police quick access to all the other states where Gujarat police could go and could get things done faster with support of local police.

Anti Terrorist Squod had some vacate posts. Modi immediately transfered capable and efficient police officers to ATS. Three IPS officers including Shamsher Singh, GL Singhal and Raghavendra Vats were appointed in ATS. Singhal was appointed as Superintendent of ATS(operation). These appointments boosted police moral and boosted investigation.

Modi sought support from Prime Minister Dr. Manmohan singh himself when PM was on a visit to Ahmedabad. Both were in a same car for long time in Ahmedabad. PM reacted positively. It is believed that PM office was helpful when Gujarat Police needed support from central agencies.

Day-to-day monitoring of Ahmedabad and Surat investigations was directly done by Secretory level and Modi was regularly briefed about developments. At the same time Modi never interfered in the investigation. When Mayavati government sought case diary and related documents to hand over Abu Bashr, Narendra Modi himself decided to provide Gujarat police an airplane to carry needed documents to Lucknow.

Cracking the bomb blasts case in just three weeks, was a historic and glorious success but Modi did not come to attend a press conference to announce this, nor his Home minister. Gujarat Police chief PC Pande and chief investigation officer of Ahmedabad blasts case Ashish Bhatia were given a chance to enjoy fame and success for hard work of their team. Narendra Modi too congratulated Gujarat Police for it’s work.

After Ahmedabad bomb blasts, Modi also announced full fledge independent modern Security University and Forensic Science University in Gujarat. After the blasts Modi has also decided to recruit 10,000 more men and women in Gujarat police force. The recruitment process will be completed in the next 12 months. Gujarat police force includes 68,000 personnel and there are 10,000 vacancies which will be filled up immediately thus. Under this recruitment drive, one of the biggest in the Gujarat’s history, 8,500 constables, 1,000 sub-inspectors, 200 inspectors and a few DySPs would be inducted. Between 2006 and 2008, only 7,000 personnel joined the police force. Departments heads of brain finger renting section, narco-analysis, hypnosis, psychological profiling, handwriting and photography divisions of the Forensic Science Laboratory, Gandhinagar will also be appointed under this recruitment drive.

Our joy and our sorrow

Where there’s a will, there’s a way and there’s a Gujarat and there’s a Narendra Modi. That is our joy but when there’s not a will, there’s cheap politics, and there are Lalu, Vaghelas, Digvijay Singh, Mayavati … you can put almost all the Congress men, leftists, Paswan, SP, pseudo seculars, large portion of media etc. That is our sorrow.

Viva Narendra Modi, Shame on…(need to write the longgg list again?)

Gujarat Police has given a new direction to India:Narendra Modi(Video)

In his video sent to U.K. based Gujaratis for prayer meet they had organized, Narendra Modi briefly talked about range of issues related to recent bomb blasts, cracking down the culprits and other things. Here it is.

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