When asked Why Gujarat, Tata’s answer was Modi

When asked Why Gujarat, Tata’s answer was Modi
Ahmedabad, DeshGujarat, 8 October, 2008

In an interview to Times Now channel, Tata group’s Chairman Shree Ratan Tata praised Chief Minister Narendra Modi’s commitment towards Gujarat’s prosperity.

When Times Now’s political editor Navika Kumar asked Ratan Tata “Why Gujarat?”

Ratan Tata in his reply said “We have been quoted now by many states. I think Gujarat stands out as a state which acts fast and the chief minister is truly committed to making the state prosperous and investor friendly. Something that, we do believe, that the West Bengal government is also trying to do, unfortunately without the total support in the state. We have been always impressed by what Mr Narendra Modi has been able to do in terms of administering and managing the state. In a very efficient way he holds to his word, that’s very important. Industry wants to be assured of some things before it moves and more and more industries demand that we have the deal in writing and get it signed. This is because very often you hear later that things said cannot be done etc. One really has a sense of faith in Modi, that if he were to say that if he says it will be done then it will be done.”

In continuation to his answer above, when he was asked “That does not come from some of the other sites?”

He replied “Despite the best intention of the people that does not come from the other sites. We are in a democracy and not all of them have the capability to make things happen.”

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