Rizwan Usmani’s offending hate speech against Modi(Video)

Rizwan Usmani’s offending hate speech against Narendra Modi(Video)(Video)
Navsari, 22 April, 2009

A video presented above contains glimpses of Gujarat Congress General Secretary Rizwan Usmani’s recent hate speech against Narendra Modi in South Gujarat’s Navsari town.

Group of Muslims present at Usmani’s meeting, cheer loudly whenever Usmani bashes Narendra Modi in his speech.

Usmani, originally from Uttar Pradesh but settled in Surat, in his speech targets Gujarat Chief Minister Narendra Modi in worst possible derogatory and shameful language that does not suit Gujarati culture, but seems in accordance with what people in Gujarat popularly say, the ‘Congress culture’.

BJP has lodged a complaint against Rizwan Usmani. Neither the Congress has taken any action against Usmani, nor Election Commission has taken any strict action. Usmani has got overnight fame after a complaint against him. It seems that street leaders who want to get publicity and millage to rise within their party, target Narendra Modi who is immensely popular.