Shri Jambu Vijay Ji Maharaj was Guru of numerous scholars

Shri Jambu Vijay Ji Maharaj was Guru of numerous scholars
By Japan K Pathak
Ahmedabad, DeshGujarat, 12 November, 2009

87-year old Shree Jambu Vijay Ji Maharaj Saheb who died in a road accident today was not only a Jain Monk but was Guru of numerous scholars from various universities across the world.

Shri Jambu Vijay Ji dedicated his life for preservation of manuscripts, reproduction and protection of ancient treasure of knowledge. He could read 18 languages. Thanks to his efforts, Jain manuscripts in Patan(Gujarat) Gyan Bhandar are very well protected and scanned for further circulation.

Whether a Japanese girl from Hiroshima University or an Italian lady from German University, or an author of a book on Jainism from U.S, they all had to come to Shri Jambu Vijay Ji Maharaj Saheb to get the authentic knowledge of Jainism and Buddhism.

In 2007, Italian scholar Michel stayed 2 months in a small village near Rann of Kutch to get authentic guidance for her study on Jainism from Shri Jambu Vijay Ji Maharaj who was staying there for Chaturmas. Michel became permanently vegetarian and started chanting Jain Navkar Mantra every day during her stay. Today Michell is in Italy, but she orders Gujarati Khakhara from Ahmedabad to continue her pledge of being vegetarian as there are few choices for vegetarians in Italy.

Shri Jambu Vijay Ji had visited northern India’s Badrinath teerth after 3,000 km walk.

Shree Jambu Vijay Ji Maharaj, disciple of Shri Bhuvan Bhanu Ji Maharaj worked almost all their life in the compilation and publication of our ancient Jain Ägam literature. Many learned scholars worked under the leadership of Shri Jambu Vijay Ji Maharaj in the compilation and publication of Jainism’s most authentic literary treasure. The partial list of such scholars are; Muni Shri Dharmachandvijay, Late Pundit Shri Bechardas Doshi, Late Pundit Shri Amrutlal Bhojak, Late Pundit Shri Dalsukh Malvania, Dr. Sagarmal Jain, Dr. Nagin Shah, Late Dr. Harivallabh Bhayani, Pundit Rupendra Pagariya, Pundit Suresh Sisodiya, Dr. V M Kulkarni, and Dr. Vasudevsharan Agrawal.

Scholars not only from Jain community but other communities as well are deeply shocked by sudden demise of such a towering personality.

List of Books Published under Late Muni Shri Punya Vijayji and Shri Jambu Vijayji:

Viyah_pannati_suttam Part-1
Viyah_pannati_suttam Part-2
Viyah_pannati_suttam Part-3
Dasveyaliya_suttam, Uttarjzhayanaim, Avassay_suttam
Sthanang_sutra Part-1
Sthanang_sutra Part-2
Sthanang_sutra Part-3
Painnay Suttai Part-1
Painnay Suttai Part-2
Painnay Suttai Part-3
Nandisutt And Anuogddaraim
Pannavana Suttam Part-1
Pannavana Suttam Part-2
Anuyogdwar_sutra Part-1
Anuyogdwar_sutra Part-2
Dwadsharam Naychakram Part-1
Dwadsharam Naychakram Part-2
Dwadsharam Naychakram Part-3
Panch_sutrakam with Tika
Aendra Stuti Chaturvinshika Sah Swo Vivran
Siddhahem_sabdanushasana Sah swopagya (San) Laghuvrutti
Mahapacchakkhan Painniyam
Divsagar_pannatti Painnayam
Tandulveyaliya Painnayam
Stree Nirvan Kevalibhukti Prakarane
Thanangsuttam And Samvayangsuttam Part-3
Ayarang_suttam (Acharang_sutra)
Mahanisiha Suya Khandham
Sutrakrutang_sutra Vol-1
Jaisalmer Ke Prachin Jain Granthbhandaron ki Suchi
Hastlikhit Granthsuchi Part-1
Hastlikhit Granthsuchi Part-2
Hastlikhit Granthsuchi Part-3

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