Enough is enough – the real face of today’s Bollywood is this

Enough is enough – the real face of today’s Bollywood is this
By Rupang Bhatt
Ahmedabad, DeshGujarat, 12 February, 2010

My Name Is Khan.

This is one more film in which the main hero is Muslim and playing a Muslim character in the film. The large audience is of course Hindus.

This is one more film that has many singers from Pakistan and Muslim Sufi kind of music.

This is one more film in which the message is delivered that all Muslims are not terrorists, they are harassed and prejudiced in America after 9/11. The same message was bombarded on our mind in recent films like New york, Kurban, and Khuda Ke Liye also(to name few). The producer of Kurban is also a producer of My name is Khan. Khuda Ke Liye was a Pakistani film but facilitated India release!

This is one more film in which a Muslim character falls in love with Hindu girl, gets her and they show it’s very fine and there’s great joy(Cheers to Taporis wandering outside the colleges to lure and trap Hindu girls). You saw Muslim boy and Hindu girl kuchipu masala in one of the scenes of recent movie Ajab Prem Ki Gajab Kahani and also in recently launched Ishqiya and many other films. In Ajab Prem Ki Gajab Kahani, in one of the lighter scenes a Muslim guy kidnaps Hindu girl against her wish and then settle down in Goa due to fear of Hindu girl’s father. In film Three Idiots when Aamir Khan tells Raju Rastogi(Sharman) on hospital bed that his sister(Hindu) would be married with Farhan Qureshi(played by Madhavan) he gets well. Aamir Khan shouts again and again that “Farhan would marry your sister.” There was a tricky and soft message in this shouting.

Are such films financed by Middle East or America based Muslims? Does Shahrukh go to Middle east for vacations also to discuss such deals? Why the premier of this film was done in Dubai?

The Bollywood films have nowadays increasingly become instrument of message delivery. Almost every second film wants to deliver message, wants to convey something, mostly secularism, ‘Muslims are great’, Pakistan is friend, ‘Muslim husband and Hindu wife is good combination’, ‘terrorists are also human’ etc. Sometime it seems films are made in India to deliver messages about Muslims and Islam and not to deliver entertainment or in some cases also to deliver entertainment as by-product. Each film is made at a huge cost of 30 to 40 crores. Who finance this huge budget for film when only one in ten films is successful? The financiers seem financing to influence the people with their message.

You think only some nasty news channels influence the minds of our people, but hey man the films and TV media is also being used very well to influence the minds of our young mass. Forget middle east finance, forget Muslim heroes and forget message delivery in film’s story. Even music plays great role.

Today you would unknowingly sing many songs that mention lyrics like ‘Allah’ and ‘Maula’ and ‘Khuda’. Such songs are bombarded on TV first, then inside the theatre, then on radio and sometime in advertises also. Like Wise, Khuda Jane Me Kya Karu song first came in trailer of film on TV, then it came to radio, then to theatre and then also to advertise. In one face cream ad this song is used and in another advertise a mother sings ‘Babar Ka Beta Humayun, Humayun Ka Akbar.’

In film Chak De India, you watched how a Muslim Hockey coach was discriminated in India. In film Black and White you saw how a hero is terrorist from Pakistan and how a professor in Delhi unknown about his real identity harbored him. In film Shaurya you saw Rahul Bose as a lawyer who reveals that a Hindu Army officer killed Muslim Army jawan in Kashmir unfairly. You saw in Slumdog Millionaire that a Muslim child(the main hero character)’s mother was killed by a group of Hindu fundamentalists who attacked her with saffron flags just because she was Muslim. In Main Hu Na, you saw an anti-Pakistan ex-BSF jawan as villain. In film Contract, the hero is terrorist and one of the scenes of this movie was allegedly used in Ahmedabad bomb blast. You saw Mission Kashmir where the hero was terrorist. You saw the film Wanted in which a Police Commissioner of Mumbai is Muslim who is frequently shown offering Namaz and he is very honest and strict. You saw Kurban and New york of course where Muslims are innocent and good but are believed to be bad by the country and society. You saw Pakistani film Khuda Ke Liye on same theme and no wonder that it was allowed to be screened in Indian theatres. I can add many other films here and you too can.

Today a song of ‘Allah’ can be listened in the houses of Brahmins, if it is a morning time and FM radio is on. Today, a Hindu teen-age girl after watching a movie like New york debates that all Muslims are good and they are being victimized as terrorists unfairly. After watching a film like Black and White, a young voter of India says, terrorists are human.

Hindus are fewer in the world compare to Muslims and Christians and there is huge Muslim and Christian finance available for films, TV shows, Media business and more. We can’t escape from their influence until we continue to keep ourselves aware that the game is being played with huge money, great marketing, excellent glamor, best possible packaging and the target is our head.

The ad presented above, says Babar Ka Beta Humayun, Humayun Ka Akbar. What Pears soap has to do with Babar, Humayun and Akbar? Now advertisements are also bombarded in this manner in India. While you are watching Ramayan, in the break you get listen to this Babar who demolished the Ram Mandir.

Now watch the advertise from same agency perhaps because Pears and Ponds are both Unilever products. This film song ‘Khuda Jaane’ was bombarded first on TV as trailer of the film, then on radio, then in theatres and then also in advertise! You keep on listening to Khuda Jaane many times in a day while watching TV. Even children in your family start singing Khuda Jaane frequently.