And now Congress compares Modi with Dawood! What a shame!

And now Congress compares Modi with Dawood! What a shame!
By Japan K Pathak
Ahmedabad, DeshGujarat, 31 March, 2010

The Congress party is setting not only new lowest example of politics but also working hard for setting up similar example in the field of political statements too. None ruling party in any dignify country would behave in so irresponsible manner like the Congress party is behaving these days in India. In the era of bombarding information, we are shocked by witnessing how Amitabh Bachchan is being targeted just for his consent to work for few ads of the Gujarat Tourism. The ruling Congress party is behaving in fashion like Gujarat is in Pakistan. Even an Indian film star who recently supported Pakistan, was given the best treatment by ruling Congress government in Maharashtra. A battery of police was deployed to protect his film shows – the film that was later said to be used for propagating terrorism by Hizbul Muzahiddin. And here we are seeing what treatment an actor who supports Gujarat, a part of India that has tremendously contributed the nation is receiving in same Maharashtra under the same government!

On Tuesday, the main spokesperson of ruling Congress party shockingly compared Gujarat Chief Minister Narendra Modi with Dawood Ibrahim! This was like comparing Ram with Ravan or Krishna with Kansa or Day with Night or black with white or Congress with sense or Mahatma Gandhi with this day’s Congress politicians!

“The BJP consistently is saying that Gujarat’s Chief Minister has done a great favour by appearing before the Special Investigating Team (SIT). If you don’t follow the law of the land, then have to face the consequence. If tomorrow Dawood is brought before the law, then will people say that he is doing the law a favour? This is a childish thing to say,” said Congress spokesperson Manish Tewari.

Was he drunk while giving this statement? Is there some whiskey branded as ‘Anti-Modi’ available these days in Delhi and Mumbai? or ‘Anti-Big B’? of ‘Anti-Gujarat?’ The last one seems working. For God knows, when did the BJP said, “the Chief Minister of Gujarat has done a great favour by appearing before SIT?” This is sheer lie, one more lie in eight-year old Godhra series of gobbles. And then on the bases of this lie the spokesperson builds fancy comparison between Dawood and Modi. Is they don’t have any other work to do? Does this national ruling party will continue to talk in graceless and sense less manner for everything that relates to Gujarat, or do something against price rice, highways, naxal issue, terrorism, farmers suicide and countless other genuine issues?

Mr. Manish Tiwari should know that it is not the tongue that makes a good spokesperson. There should be a mind working behind it, and more importantly when you are a spokesperson of national ruling party of India, then you should have a patriotic heart working inside your chest. But here is a spokesperson and gang of leaders in his party who are in business of bashing a film star who wants to endorse tourism of one state which is the fastest growing state of India with highest GDP.

What kind of example the Congress party wants to set before the public and especially us youths? Can’t the party give some good reasonable leaders, Chief Ministers and spokespersons who can stop bashing Gujarat and mind their business?

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