German MPs mind your own business

German MPs mind your own business
Ahmedabad, DeshGujarat, 10 April, 2010

Given below are paragraphs of an article published in Times of India(9 April 2010) about German delegation’s Ahmedabad visit. Under each paragraph there is a narration of how a common man of Gujarat would react to the German delegation for each of their statements.

Times of India reports:A German parliamentary delegation, on a two-day visit to the city(Ahmedabad) to study the state of minorities in Gujarat, concluded that the decision of the European Union to not to grant a visa to chief minister Narendra Modi, was justified and they advocated the ban on his visit to Europe even in the near future.

DG:Don’t they have any business to do in Germany? With what intention they were here in Gujarat traveling thousands of miles, taking all efforts? Do our delegations visit Germany to know what is the situation of minority people there? And what parliamentary delegation? How many people in delegation were parliament members? Only two? Then how come this is a parliamentary delegation? In two days they can study the state of minorities in Gujarat and can even deliver a conclusion? Rubbish or not? Do Germans give conclusions this way? Then next time we in Gujarat will have to think about purchasing German machinery for our textile plants in Gujarat. Chinese are already making good copy. And our Panchal bhais are also capable. And what about this European Union’s decision about not to grant visa to Chief Minister Narendra Modi? When did he demand visa to visit any European country? And show us in writing that on which date, who in European Union decided not to grant visa to Chief Minister Narendra Modi? What kind of humbug talks are going on here? And who are these two MPs and other two associates to say something on behalf of European Union? We have over 500 MPs and they also include some gangsters and some scamsters. Should we make them free to roam in other countries to give verdicts on their affairs? Sorry but no bashing tourism please.

Times of India reports:Speaking to the media on Thursday, member of parliament of the ruling Christian Democratic Union (CDU), Ute Granold said, “The chief minister of Gujarat has a radical tone to his politics and is described as dictatorial. He has a wrong perception of religious freedom.”

DG:Speaking to what media? Not all media was invited. They called a select press in which only selectively some people were invited. Indian Express has used this word ‘Select Press’ in its article about German mission. Why they were shying to call whole group of media? What was the motive behind this? They called group of select media and started bashing Gujarat Chief Minister. What a dirty behavior? You go to somebody’s house and then start bashing the head person of that house. Sorry, but this is not Indian culture. Using political words like “radical tone and described as dictatorial” is smart tactic but three time elected Chief Minister with 2/3rd majority can’t be dictatorial. Does this German MP know what is called dictatorial? Does any dictatorial person win free and fair election with 2/3 majority continuously for three time? Who actually has a radical tone to politics? We can better describe Ute Granold herself as a person possessing radical tone to her politics because she is here in Gujarat thousands of mile away from her home with the backing of Catholic religious mission. Radicals are those who pump in billions of bucks to poor countries to spread their religion converting poor and tribal people. We never come to Germany to convert Germans. We never pump in money to lure poor in foreign countries to leave their natural religion. Ute Granold should better learn English and know proper meaning of ‘radical’ and ‘dictatorial’.

Times of India reports: Their visit was described as “unofficial” and supported by Missio, a Catholic non-governmental organisation. The four-member team has been closely following the developments in the Gujarat riots cases of 2002 in the Supreme Court.

DG: Alright so this is unofficial visit. Then why they use the word ‘parliamentary delegation’? The agency that has supported them is Missio, a Catholic non-governmental organisation. Thanks Times of India for mentioning this in the article. This makes things more clear. This group is involved in Christian conversion activities. According to Home Ministry reports this Missio pumped in crores of Rs to India in just one year. The German delegation is on unofficial visit, because officially they would certainly not be allowed to carry out such studies being this country. The US non-governmental agency didn’t get visa and permit to carry out similar kind of study several times in past. Such are the tricks of these German right wing MPs that they use ‘Parliamentary delegation’ title even though they are on unofficial visit. So on what kind of Visa they are in India? Are they on Tourist Visa? And with what intention somebody in Germany would follow developments in the Gujarat riot cases of 2002 in the Supreme Court closely? There is Baghdad and there is Afghanistan and also Israel and Tibet and many other major flash-point and thousands of more serious incidents happening everywhere but why these Germans are following Gujarat riot cases? This foreign interest in Supreme Court’s cases is suspicious, should be considered seriously and this group should be investigated for that.

Times of India reports:Pascal Kober, member of Free Democrat Party said that they got reports from people about how conversion was becoming difficult under the new religious freedom law where baptising ceremonies were getting reported.

DG: At least this Free Democrat Party member revealed the truth behind his delegation’s Gujarat bashing. Pascal says they got reports from people about how conversion was becoming difficult under the new religious freedom law where baptising ceremonies are getting reported. So here comes this group’s motive. Gujarat had passed a law against forceful religious conversion few years back. So it is not Modi’s ‘radical tone’ , ‘2002 riots’, or ‘dictatorial description’ responsible for bashing, but it is this Anti-conversion law that this delegation has problem with. Baptism is final token procedure that converts a person. These right wing MPs have problem with baptising ceremonies getting reported! Remember baptism is not banned like it is banned in Muslim nations, here baptism needs just to be reported with concerned govt office, but German Christian delegation has problem with it, perhaps because they might be wishing to convert the masses silently. German politicians are objecting laws passed by Gujarat assembly in full constitutional framework. If you Mr. Pascal gets report from people of Gujarat as he said, then he should tell those people from India/Gujarat to go to court or change the government. Mr. Pascal from Germany needs not to interfere. There are dozens of Christian countries and Muslim countries. Mr. Pascal and associates should respect the diversity to prevail and allow some Hindus to remain on this planet.

Times of India reports:On the comparisons of Modi with Hitler, Granold said, “We were shocked to learn of the parallels that have been drawn with Germany under Hitler and Gujarat and how school textbooks here represented the darkest chapters of German history where persecution of Jews was completely missing.”

DG: Now this is completely laughable on one side and inexcusable on other side. Modi should explore an option to file defamation suit against these German MPs. Let them stay in India to fight the case and then they would actually read the textbooks and they will be exposed for their lie about textbooks in Gujarat. Having said this, what is missing in textbooks and what should be there in the textbooks of Gujarat is not German MPs concern.

Times of India reports:They said that they would be submitting a report on what they saw in Gujarat to the committee on human rights in Germany and to various other parliamentary groups. “We feel that our report will influence the perception of this state in Germany,” said Kober, to a question on whether this would impact any possible investments in Gujarat from Germany.

DG: Now what kind of report is this? On what ground this delegation got Visa? What was the reason of allowing their visit to India? They are perhaps suitable to be deported for violation of Visa rules if they are here for preparing some kind of report contrary to their reason described for getting Indian Visa. Who cares about human rights committee in Germany? In the name of human rights these people guard those involved in converting poor people of other countries. Just by Visiting Ahmedabad for two days, they are making report. Oh oh, does Germany make PhD in three days? And doctors in four days? And Engineers in five days this way? And who cares about influence or perception of Gujarat in Germany? They should worry about perception of Germany in Gujarat that they are creating due to their visit! All Germans are not right wing Christian radicals, so they will continue to invest in Gujarat. If Gujarat companies stop buying German machinery for their gigantic plants, then Germans would have to worry, thanks to such MPs they have elected.

Times of India reports:They also met leader of Opposition Shaktisinh Gohil and former MP Madhusudan Mistry and will be visiting Orissa next. The others in the team were Jan Bittner, foreign policy chairman of CDU parliamentary group and Otmar Ochring, director, human rights, Missio.

DG: Aahha, here comes news. Thanks Times of India for mentioning our Gohil saheb and Mistry saheb. DNA or Indian Express have not mentioned that. We don’t need to say anything on this because our readers know these things better and this is our own issue. But the choice of visit to Orissa clearly indicates that this group is here for what mission. In Orissa, one Hindu saint Lakshmanandji who protested Christian conversion in his area was brutally killed, after which attacks on Christian missions occurred. So this delegation’s choice of Orissa indicates its interest.

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