Christian father protests Naxal’s arrest in Ahmedabad

Christian father protests Naxal’s arrest in Ahmedabad
Ahmedabad, DeshGujarat, 2 June, 2010

Ahmedabad based Christian father Cedric Prakash, originally from Mangalore on Tuesday protested arrest of a person with alleged Naxal link in Ahmedabad.

In one more press conference organized against state government(may be 100th or more) at his foreign funded NGO Prashant, father Cedric Prakash criticized Chief Minister Narendra Modi and said people must come forward to oppose the victimization of human rights activists.

Father Cedric Prakash’s Jesuit NGO Prashant hosted several pro-left and pro-Muslim activists who also expressed their concern against state police’s prompt actions against persons with naxal links in state.

It should be mentioned that the Ahmedabad police had on Sunday evening arrested one person Shrinivas from local NGO ‘Darshan’, for naxal linkages and activities in Gujarat.

There are several NGOs in Ahmedabad and Gujarat dubiously popped up in Gujarat in last eight years or so. Most of them are functioning on agenda with 2002 riots in centre. Though these NGOs have no significant ground in public at large, they keep organizing press conferences oozing out venom against the BJP ruled state government and RSS. Their sympathizers in media(mostly leftists) keep highlighting them. Whether it is issue of construction of Mahatma Mandir, or ban on Jaswant Singh’s book, or some land dispute between farmers and industry, same group of about 20 to 40 people appear organizing press conference, or dharna(when season is favorable. They stop dharnas in summer).

Shrinivas’s arrest is significant as he can throw light on possible linkages of several NGOs with naxals. It should be mentioned that a mouthpiece magazine of Maoists in India has published three-page report on Teesta Javed’s NGO’s press conference that was held in Ahmedabad some time back. This press conference was also held at Christian mission activist fr Cedric Prakash’s premises in Ahmedabad.

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