When office owner’s weird trick confused AMC team on sealing duty

When office owner’s weird trick confused AMC team on sealing duty
Ahmedabad, 1 December, 2010

This is interesting.

Recently when Ahmedabad Municipal Corporation team went to Wallstreet building in Ellis bridge area to seal each and every office here due to lack of fire safety system, one office on eight floor literally challenged the process of sealing in a weird way.

The office owner had removed the main door of his office, to prevent AMC team sealing it!!

When AMC team reached eighth floor, the owner of the office said, his office was just like that. He said he didn’t believe in door culture!!

The AMC team was confused about what to do. They had to seal the office because it was court order to seal the buildings that are lacking of fire safety system.

After some discussion, and some consultation with higher official, the team decided to bring carpenter to fix the door.

The team brought extra workers to set up a new door, which was sealed then after.

Meanwhile, thanks to AMC sealing drive, those having shop/office in sealed tower are doing everything possible to obtain Fire safety NOC these days.

About a dozen buildings that were sealed only due to lacking of fire safety system have managed to get fire no objection certificate(NOC) within a week, and are unsealed now. Shapath, Agrawal, Maradia, Akik, Shefali are some of the buildings that are unsealed this way.

Ahmedabad’s Fire department has formed two teams – one each for east and west to issue fire NOC. The teams of Fire department visit each building that submits application for fire NOC. For each visit, the department charges Rs. 2500 for one tower. If things are not implemented well, the team visits again and charges Rs. 2500 again. Fire department team members do photography and videography of each building’s fire safety system before issuing NOC.

Those building sealed for ‘change of purpose’ or ‘parking space violations’ are not unsealed however, even if they obtain NOC for fire safety system.