Album:Modi releases book of Mahesh and Naresh Kanodia

Album:Modi releases book of Mahesh and Naresh Kanodia
Ahmedabad, 28 January, 2011

Photos by Dhaval Dhadake

Gujarat’s the most known local film-star Naresh Kanodia and his elder brother musician and singer Mahesh Kanodia today came out with autobiographical work in a form of book. The book is in Gujarati and it is jointly written by both brothers. While Naresh Kanodia is ex BJP MLA, Mahesh Kanodia is former BJP MP. State’s Youth, cultural activities and sports minister Fakirbhai Vaghela was present in the function. But he was not the only minister present, there were Education minister Ramanlal Vora, and minister of state Pradipsinhji Vaghela too present in the audience.

The book release function also had Gujarati singer Shri Purushottam Upadhyay, and bollywood’s famous musician Shri Anandjibhai(Kalyanji Anandji fame) on the stage. The function was graced by whose who of Gujarati film industry including singer Shri Praful Dave, Ghazal singer Shri Manhar Udhas, actress Roma Manek, actor Vikram Thakor, senior actor Shri Arvind Rathod, Villan Firoz Irani, Musician and singer Shri Gaurang Vyas among others.

The function was full of Gujarati film flavor, but Narendra Modi’s touch made it interesting for those also who are not interested in Gujarati films. It should be mentioned here that for last many years Mahesh and Naresh duo have extensively traveled across the state in various election campaigns committedly for the BJP. In rural area they are great crowd puller. Every time when there’s election, Mahesh Kanodia creates a song with political message and he sings it in female voice. While Mahesh’s singing involves the voters, Naresh Kanodia dances to charm the voters.

The Chief Minister in his address said that the artists should not be dependent on the state but they should be rewarded by the state. He said the story of Mahesh Naresh – who were born in poor mill worker’s family and later succeeded in Loksangit to Loksabha – should be studied by the institutes like IIM. Their story is motivational for new generation.