Anna Hazare praises Narendra Modi and Nitish Kumar(Video)

Anna Hazare praises Narendra Modi and Nitish Kumar
New Delhi, 10 April, 2011

Shri Anna Hazare today praised Gujarat Chief Minister for rural development work he has done in Gujarat.

Speaking in a press conference on Sunday afternoon, Shri Hazare said other states should follow the Chief Ministers of Gujarat and Bihar and should go to the root.

Hazare said this when he was asked by a journalist that how he would like to react to the support given to him by only two Chief Ministers in India – one from Bihar and other from Gujarat.

“I have said even before that these two Chief Ministers are working good and other Chief Ministers should also follow them. Other Chief Minister should work like these two Chief Ministers and go to the grass root.”

Once Anna said this, the whole press conference was hijacked by pseudo-secular journalists. They asked three to four different questions on Narendra Modi, reacting to which Anna again said that Narendra Modi is working well for rural development, and his work should be followed by other states. Reacting to repeated questions by journalists on Modi, Anna said that even Narendra Modi can have some shortcomings, but I am talking about his rural development work.

Reacting again to raining questions about Narendra Modi, Shri Anna further said that he would give 100% (mark) to Narendra Modi or any other Chief Minister only after he passes Lokpal bill in his state. When Anna was asked about riots, Anna said he doesn’t support any riot.

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