Band, Baja, Invitation Card, and Protest, not Barat here!

Band, Baja, Invitation Card, and Protest, not Barat here!
Rajkot, 15 April, 2011

Its a story of protest, and soon it is going to be a story of band baja and protest.

Activists of Janata Dal – Secular will celebrate first birthday of his protest against Saurashtra’s Dhoraji Municipality with band baja.

Dhoraji based Janata Dal Secular leader Arifbhai Bhensania started protesting against what he says illegal approval to mobil towers by local Municipality on 19 April 2010. He sat on symbolic fast during 11.00am – 5.00 pm opposite the Chief Officer office of Municipality. However even after one year, the situation has not changed. Therefore Arifbhai has decided to celebrate one year of his sit protest with band baja. Not only this, but Arifbhai has sent invitation card of his protest to the Chief Minister, the ministers and higher officials of the state. Arifbhai has printed this invitation in wedding-card style.

Meanwhile, reacting to Arifbhai’s protest, local Chief officer told media persons that Arifbhai has not yet produced credible evidence to support his claim that mobile towers spread radiation and they are harmful. The Chief Officer said that Dhoraji Municipality had contacted Health department to inquire about whether there are any hazards or side effects of mobile towers, but they have reacted that there are no evidence to tell that mobile towers help spreading cancer or fatal diseases. Chief Officer said Arifbhai and other protesters are misleading the public by doing fasts and other tactics.