Nargol beach to be developed as tourist attraction

Nargol beach to be developed as tourist attraction
Valsad, 24 May, 2011

A team of Gujarat Tourism officials led by Managing Director Sanjay Kaul(IAS) visited southern Gujarat’s Nargol beach and Umargam coast on Sunday with an agenda to review the location to create tourism facilities here. Kaul was accompanied by Project Manager Ajit Joshi and Planing Solution’s Shreya Dalwani among others.

According to sources, the team has taken a decision to develop Nargol beach in three phases. In first phase Parsi heritage will be given weightage. Parsi community, their houses, their culture will be a major part of tourism plan related to Nargol.

In later stage this area will be developed with projects like a new aquarium park, lake development, water park, boating and hotel.

According to Sanjay Kaul, the government is planning to develop tourist facilities at Nargol at a cost of Rs. 46 crore.

The team of Gujarat Tourism also visited historical Dandi monument and Tithal, which is another fascinating beach in south Gujarat.