Naika, Machhu-2, Ashapura dams overflow


Naika, Machhu-2, Ashapura dams overflow
Surendranagar, 11 July, 2011


It’s raining in almost all parts of Gujarat for last three days, and Surendranagar district that was badly needing rain – when this week began – has been blessed with great amount of rain in last three days.

Surendranagar district’s Naika dam started overflowing today in the afternoon after heavy rain in its catchment areas of Chotila and Muli talukas.

Naika dam’s 15 gates out of total 34 are opened to release overflowing water.

Gautamgadh, Kukada, Godavari and Shekhpar villages located in the down stream are alerted for possible flood.

District’s lifeline like Bhogavo river has got new life with water flowing in it and level increasing rapidly.

Similarly, Machhu-2 dam located near Rajkot district’s Morbi town is overflowing. Ten gates of this dam are opened by the administration to release extra water.

Rajkot district’s Ashapura dam has also started overflowing. This dam is located near Gondal.

Low lying villages in downstream areas are alerted.


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