Sting operation reveals Congress-ruled center is misusing CBI(video)

Sting operation reveals Congress-ruled center is misusing CBI(video)
Gandhinagar, 26 July, 2011

In reference to a couple of sting operations aired by a TV channel, Gujarat government spokesperson Mr. Jay Narayan Vyas today said the sting operation has made it plain that Congress-ruled central government is misusing the probe agencies like CBI to harass the democratically elected government of Gujarat. “The sting operation has revealed the truth and exposed the central government’s motive of defaming Gujarat government”, he said.

“Naimuddim, brother of Sohrabuddin has revealed the fact that not a single minister or agency of the state government was involved with Sohrabuddin case, on the country Naimuddim was pressurized by CBI to give statement against Gujarat government”, Mr. Vyas said.

One more fact that Naimuddim has revealed before the camera is that the third person who was with Sohrabuddin and Kosarbi was none else but the notorious Kalimuddin. This proves that the probe made by the Gujarat police into the case was correct, said Mr. Vyas.

“But some so-called NGOs challenged the probe made by Gujarat police and so the case was transfer to CBI. Now the latest revelations in the sting operations have raised questions against the creditability of CBI itself”, he said.

Another sting operation relating to a private builder of Ahmedabad city also confirms that there was no political hand behind the case. Firing was made simply with a view to scare and threaten the concerned people, he said.

“Central government is using CBI as a means to harass the popular Gujarat government which is a threat for the democratic system of the nation”, Mr. Vyas said.

What was there in sting operation?

Naimuddin Shaikh in a sting operation done by a television channel INDIATV has said CBI pressurised him to give a statement against Gujarat cops and Gujarat politician Amit Shah.

Shaikh claimed that CBI had twisted his statement to suit its purpose and he had never mentioned minister of state for home Amit Shah in his statement to CBI. Shaikh further asserted that he had never received any threats either from Shah or the BJP as has been attributed to his statement. CBI had claimed before the SC that Shah should not be given bail as he threatened witnesses in the case.

Shaikh has further alleged that the facts of the case can be unearthed only if Kalimuddin is arrested by the CBI. He further claimed that Kalimuddin is a CBI and intelligence bureau informer and that CBI is actually scared of arresting Kalimuddin. He moves around with an AK-5, Shaikh has claimed.

In another sting operation aired by the channel, Mohammed Azam Khan, a former Sohrabuddin aide, claimed that Shah had been falsely implicated in the case and had no role to play in the Popular Builders firing case on December 8, 2004. Khan also claimed that Sohrabuddin had arranged the firing incident at the office of Popular Builders on his own.

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