Booking GSRTC ticket through mobile phone to be possible

Ahmedabad, 12 August, 2011, Gujarat State Transport Corporation(GSRTC) will launch ticket booking facility through mobile phone in a bid to add value to its already running ‘Game tyathi game tya’ online passenger reservation system for ticket booking that is functional for last two years.

According to Shri P.D.Patel, Secretary of GSRTC, through this new service – scheduled to be launched on 15 August – the passengers with GPRS mobile phone will be able to book their ticket through website by following instructions given on the main page. As soon as the ticket is booked online, the passenger will get information about booked ticket on his/her mobile phone through SMS or in email box, whichever provided at the time of booking.

Passengers who book ticket online or through mobile phone will have to produce their identity card during travel.