How Modi hater speaks? And what Gujarat BJP has to learn from this post?

In photo:Jashpal Singh
Click ‘Play’ to listen to Jashpal Singh’s conversation with DeshGujarat editor JP & couple of other scribes

Gandhinagar, 28 August, 2011
Editor’s note

Re-inducting all those who are ready for re-induction into the party without going into details can actually be proven embarrassing. On Sunday I spotted former rebel BJP Minister Jashpal Singh ( who has been recently re-inducted into the BJP) in MahaGujarat Janata Party’s study camp at Preksha Vidyapeeth in Gandhinagar. I asked former minister Nalin Bhatt about Jashpal Singh’s presence. Bhatt replied me in his own rough style that better I should ask Jashpal Singh himself about his presence here. After the press conference I approached Jashpal Singh and said why he was here? He replied that he was here just to meet Shri Govindacharyaji. When I reminded Jashpal Singh that he had rejoined BJP some time back and here he was in a function of MahaGujarat Janata Party function, Jashpal Singh accepted that he is very much in BJP but he got angry and then he started speaking against Narendra Modi like anything.

Now, whatever Jashpal Singh said was not important according to me, because he is like this only for last many years. In late 90s when he was a minister, I had seen how during assembly sessions, he used to seat alone in pantry and nobody would like to go and sit with him because of his angry and ‘rebel without cause( or with any cause)’ nature.

Jashpal Singh is politically not important because he couldn’t manage victory when he stood in the election after leaving the BJP. For last some time he was just a common forgotten man for us media persons and for those interested in politics.

Having said that, what is important is that, just before a month or so, BJP had re-inducted Jashpal Singh into the party. Gujarat BJP President RC Faldu hugged him in a press conference and announced his re-induction into the party in Vadodara a day before BJP’s state executive meeting was scheduled to begin.

The lesson is, while Gujarat BJP is likely to induct and re-induct more people from other parties before December 2012 assembly election, it should seriously check a person before inducting him/her to prevent further Jashpal Singh type embarrassments.

Look at Jashpal Singh today. He openly said us journalists that he had rejoined BJP because he wanted to fight Modi from within the party rather than sitting outside.

In his talk, Jashpal Singh boasted that it was Modi who needed him and therefore his induction took place( now this is unbelievable because Jashpal Singh had lost deposit in last election he fought and in Vadodara where he is boasting he is powerful, BJP has gained 2/3rd majority in assembly, lok sabha and civic polls in last years without Jashpal). He also challenged Modi for showing moral courage to give him a notice and kick him out of the party.

BJP should seriously next time think, whom to induct, re-induct and whom not in the party. That is the message of this post, otherwise what Jashpal Singh says is not important at all.

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