Devang Patel to perform at abroad-style AC indoor Navratri in Ahmedabad

File video of Patel performing at Income Tax cross road in Anna camp
Ahmedabad, 30 August, 2011

If you are in Gujarat, you witness Garba/Dandiya celebration on open ground, but go abroad and you would increasingly find Navratri being celebrated in indoor facilities.

About five years back Ahmedabad based event organizer JD experimented professional Navratri event in indoor facility at The Grand Bhagwati hotel in Ahmedabad, however it couldn’t match the scale of open ground Navratri.

After five years he is back with Devang Patel and this time garba dandiya will take place at Gujarat University Exhibition centre which is Ahmedabad’s biggest AC indoor facility without pillar.

Inspired by Chief Minister Narendra Modi’s campaign titles like ‘Vanche Gujarat’ and ‘Vave Gujarat’, the event is titled as “NACHE GUJARAT”.

Devang Patel recently gave musical performance on the stage of Janlokpal protest at Ahmedabad’s Income Tax cross roads. He selected Hindi, Gujarati songs and changed the lyrics to match with Anna Hazare’s agitation against corruption.

Patel is going to repeat the same in Navratri too.

Wearing ‘Mein Anna Hun’ Gandhi cap, Devang will have characters playing roles of P.Chidambara, Sonia Gandhi, Kapil Sibal on the stage.

“It is a great victory of Annaji And his team. I congratulate them for the way the whole protest was peaceful. we also welcome governments proper decision and this is a victory of democracy,” Devang said while talking to press on Monday. “We are very excited for coming navratri.New songs and music compel khelaiya to join garba” he added.

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