Yet another alleged corruption scandal of Kamla Beniwal surfaces

Ahmedabad, 7 September, 2011

Delhi based Punjab Kersir newspaper has publish yet another scandal of Gujarat Governor Dr. Kamla Beniwal. The scandal has been unearthed from the time when Kamla was a minister in Rajasthan.

The original cutting of Punjab Kesri’s 7 September, 2011, Delhi edition front page bottom article and its is given above in the image.

As per the article, Beniwal was accused of purchasing books at 10 times higher prices without inviting tender, when the books were not needed at all. The issue according to an article sparked discussion in the state assembly in late 1980s.

This is the second scandal of Kamla Beniwal coming into light after latest Lokayukta appointment controversy.

The first one was about illegal allotment of plots in Jaipur to influential persons.

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