Gas balloons burst during anti-Modi protest outside Sanjiv Bhatt house

Ahmedabad, 12 October, 2011

It was a momentary incident, but was worth witnessing as per some spectators who actually witnessed it.

When handful of leftists, socialists, Jesuits among others were protesting against Narendra Modi and his govt outside suspended controversial cop Sanjiv Bhatt’s house on Tuesday evening with gas balloons in hands, a candle flame touched a bunch of balloons bursting them and giving negligible burn injury to several persons gathered there.

When balloon burst, leftist minority right ngo operator Shabnam Hashmi was visibly shocked and stepped back. Sanjiv Bhatt’s father in law Shrikantbhai Shah fell down. Shweta Bhatt was helped by others including policemen deployed for her protection outside her house. Mallika Sarabhai dressed in long skirt could be seen running away.

Few media persons were successful to capture the incident, while majority of other media persons received message wrapped in rumor that there was a blast. However when they reached they found candle light vigil.

Photos(external source)

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