Modi hints he talked tough with China on Gujarati traders issue(Video)

By Tejash Modi in Surat, 18 December 2011

Gujarat Chief Minister Narendra Modi announced a package of Rs 2100 crore for the city of Surat in his concluding speech of Sadbhavana fast in Surat.

Modi said the ‘C’ of Congress is actually a sea of Corruption.

Modi in his speech at Sadbhavna mission fast in Surat today hinted that he had talked tough with the Chinese government on the issue of Gujarati diamond traders arrested in China. Modi said that it was his hard talk that brought quick result, and freedom of Gujarati traders could become possible in few weeks.

“Charges under which Gujaratis were arrested were also being faced by one Australian also. Two months back, the Chinese court sent him jail for 14 years. Apart from 22 Gujaratis, there were three Chinese too. They were given 10 year term. There must be something because of which our sons came back. How you talk makes difference. I told them that your people are with us. This was enough. India is independent nation. Whatever superpower is there, we should have capability to see in their eyes and talk to them.”

Mr. Modi said that people have not seen the instances of riots and curfews during the last decade. The reason behind this is the atmosphere of peace, unity and harmony that is prevailing in the state.

“People who play vote-bank politics can not realize the power of Sadbhavna Mission, because they don’t want real development. I don’t waste time behind those who are inclined to see Gujarat with negative mentality. I want to put India on the track of Sadbhavna”, he said.

He said that people of Gujarat will not tolerate the defamation drive that has been launched by the anti-Gujarat elements. These elements have gone a long way and are even misusing constitutional organizations to defame Gujarat. Gujarat never troubles anybody but it also knows how to give a tough answer when it is being troubled by somebody.

The huge support of the people to the Sadbhavana mission is an answer to those who device plots to tarnish the image of Gujarat. Gujarat has left behind the venoms of communalism and casteism and has adhered to the values of peace, unity and harmony. Political pandits should analyze why people are voluntarily supporting the Sadbhavna fast and the growth polity of Gujarat, he said.

The people and different organizations of Surat gave an amount of Rs.30 lakh as a donation to the Chief Minister’s Kanya Kelavani Nidhi.

About 10,000 people fasted with Modi. About 1 lakh people visited the fasting venue.

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