Kankaria carnival 2011:Read a long list of events, complete schedule(Video)

Ahmedabad, 22 December, 2011

Mayor of Ahmedabad Shri Asit Vora and Commissioner of the city Shri Guruprasad Mohapatra today briefed the press on forthcoming Kankaria carnival which is to be held between 25-31 of December. According to Mayor Asit Vora, the carnival will be kicked off by Chief Minister Shri Narendra Modi at 6.30 pm on 25th of December.He said as many as 2.5 million visitors are expected to visit the Kankaria lake front during Kankaria carnival. Mayor connected this festival with the birth anniversary(25th of December) of former Prime Minister and BJP leader Shri Atal Bihari Vajpayee.

He said there will be three main stages on the lake front. While first stage will be at Pushpakunj gate, the second stage will be near Vyayam Vidyalaya’s gate, and the third gate will be near Balvatika.

New activities to be introduced at Kankaria lake front permanently during Kankaria carnival 2011 are:

-Desert safari car
-Bungee trampoline
-Bungee ejection
-Baby car ride(battery operated)
-Moon walker
-Water bubble ride(in the lack and also in artificial tub/pond)
-Obstacle courses
-Artificial rock climbing
-Audio commentary in balloon safari

-Gujarat Police will exhibit their arms and also will give details on their use at the open air theatre. Games that are lost today in the era of video games and computer games will be relived during Kankaria carnival.

-Mobile phone video film competition has been announced. During the carnival , the visitors can shoot a video film on their mobile and can upload it on Youtube. The videos watched for highest number of time will be awarded with prizes.

-As many as 15 bio scopes will be put at various places on lakefront. They will show various subjects like motivating stories, comics etc. It will be designed in a way that can contribute the development of the children and can entertain them too at the same time.

-Eastman photography-cut out: Chhota Bhim, plane, old contessa car, moon, Lambretta scooter, old generation TV(with V shaped antenna) – such cut outs will entertain the visitors during Kankaria carnival. Cut outs will remain open for photo opportunity.

-Gujarat Mori Mori: Visualization of five small poetry based dramas, covering dialects of five regions of Gujarat, local instruments, specialties, songs/music and dance presentation.

-Shadow performance:A Giant screen will be erected. It will show a shadow performance of dances going on in the background.

-Bhavai:Original taste of Bhavai will be presented by the artists involved in this old art. Traditional characters like Juthan, Chatki and others will be live on stage. Traditional music instruments of Bhavai including Bhungal, Tabla, Dholak and traditional dance style of Bhavai will be worth watching items for new generation.

-Anand Tarang hasya sandhya:Specially picked comic chapters from the books of Gujarati literature will be played on stage by the artists.

-Instant drama for awareness:In reaction to any incident of indiscipline, such as spiting, wastage of water etc during the carnival, a group of drama artists will act drama like a flash mob and give a message. Such dramas will be acted instantly in a crowd of general public.

-Bharat bhakti:People from different states settled in Ahmedabad will present drama/show/performance reflecting their culture.

Daily activities during carnival: Arms exhibition by Indian army and Gujarat police, Eastman photography cut out, Rangoli exhibition, Para jumping and para sailing, Tableau presentation, Hydraulic platform, Wall painting, Zipping line, Children film festival, Water bubble, Children toy festival, Various live characters, Children book festival, Puppet show, Mobile film competition, Green Ahmedabad, Clean Ahmedabad and other 3-5 minute long skits, Bio scop shows, Bonsai tree exhibition(on 25-26), Traditional games in Picnic house party plot.

-A new theme specially on Kankaria will be launched on 25th.

-Ahmedabad Municipal Corporation and Children Film Society of India have jointly organized a children films festival at an Open air theatre near Kankaria lake during Kankaria carnival. Children films will be featured everyday from 5.30 pm for free of cost. On first day(25th) Karamati coat, 2nd day Sunday, 3rd day Rino, 4th day Yeh hai chakkad bakkar bambe bol, 5th day Chhota sipahi, 6th day Krish trish and baltiboy and 7th day Sunsine barry and disco warms will be featured.
Narendra Modi to open ready part of stone carving mural during Kankaria Carnival

Gujarat Chief Minister Shri Narendra Modi will dedicate the phase-1 of stone carving mural at Kankaria lake front on 25th of December at 6.30 pm. The mural has been created on the theme of ‘Gaurav gatha gurjari’. Phase-1 of this mural is 10000 wide. Shri Modi will dedicate 2500 square ft part of phase-1 mural. Phase-2 and phase-2 will also have 10000 square ft size. Thus the total project is 30000 sq ft in size.

According to Mayor Asit Vora, once completed this mural will make world record in the world of open stone murals. There is no existing world record for sand stone murals. Cement murals 6,000 sq.ft in Kerala, painted mural 9731 sq.ft in Gwalior, both are world records.

Kankaria lake front murals cover Gujarat’s development and cultural heritage starting from Lothal to Vibrant Gujarat.

The project of sand stone mural was started in last October. It is a 15-month project worth Rs 3 crore.

Schedule of Kankaria Carnival Ahmedabad 2011

Narendra Modi opening the Kankaria Carnival 2011

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