How they played golf in the night in Amdavad?(Photos)

Ahmedabad, 9 January 2012

AB JEWELS at NIGHT GOLF indeed it was.

At the AB Jewels Night golf it seemed like the stars came down from the skies and sparkled the bunker sands which were highlighted by the glow sticks. The flying coloured balls in red, blue and green looked as if it was a meteor shower.

Golfers wore glow hats and from a distance it looked like a set from a walt dizney movie. Just concluded AB Jewels Night Golf tournament Kensville has left participants in awe as each and every one of them claim to have never experienced such an enthralling and an exciting golf event ever.

TAEGA ( The Ahmedabad Elite Golfers Association) went all out to produce one of the most unique and a never done before night golf tournament. AB Jewels Night Golf saw a full house participation of 45 golfers. The event was played over 9 holes on stable ford scoring format. There were 5 teams with 9 a sid & each team had a lady golfer at the helm as the captain. Mrs Shradha Hattangadi Mehta who had the honor of being the captain of her team.

She is a novice golfer and has been playing golf only since a few months. This was her first taega golf tourney & She was overjoyed to hear that her team had won. Shraddha Mehta during the start of the event was a bit nervous as it was her first tourney and then to head the team was the added responsibility but she along with her teammates were thrilled to end up at the highest podium with 74 pts. Misin Anish , Paresh Vasani & Sanjay Gherawat were the main contributers of the Shradha Mehta team.The runners up team with 70 pts was captained by Dimpi Patell who had great support from her husband Munish Patel to be in the same team who contributed well in the pts kitty along with other teammates Viki Patel & Pranjal Patel. Amongst the other additional prizes the

Ladies hiltone stableford winner went to Rupal Patel with 12 pts

And the niralaya runners up was Shradha Mehta with 11 pts

The mens hilltone stable ford went to Tiku Maulik with 19 pts

And the niralaya 1st runners up in this category went to Abhijit Vasat
with 17pts

And HMG 2nd runners up in this category went to Manish Choksi with 17 pts

After the round of night golf there was a the UTTERRIKIE chipping competition.. uttirrikie is a sound made by golfers on the course when someone swings and misses the ball.. as the name suggests players were not allowed to take any practice swings.. they had to just walk to the ball and quickly chip it and get it as close to the hole as possible and the winner and runners up here were Anand Dave & Shreekant Goenka respectively..

Finally even the golfers with a bad day were rewarded with the Emerald Gardners Delight Prize and the winner and runners up here were Abhay Mangaldas & Purav Shah AB Jewels night golf concluded with a lucky draw and left everyone mesmerized by the glittering glow sticks that shined all over the golf course.

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