The city of Ahmedabad felicitates Praful Dave, getting a rockstar performance in return:Watch in photos and a video

A master performer

Ahmedabad, 22 January 2011

He is known as folkstar, but those who attended Ahmedabad Municipal Corporation organized event of felicitation of folkstar Praful Dave would agree that Dave is not just folkstar but he is more like a rockstar. With his songs, style and skill of performance, Dave successfully rock the place where he performs.

Late in the evening on Saturday, Tagore hall was full, and after a brief session of felicitation and speeches, everyone was eagerly waiting to enjoy the singer and performer Pradul Dave.

And then Dave came, and for couple of hours, there was extravaganza of Praful Dave kind of Gujarati singing and music.

The atmosphere was festive with people spontaneously coming to stage and dancing, offering currency notes to Dave, shouting and suggesting titles to sing, and Praful Dave too dancing, singing and making fun through brief comments and remarks in the course of performance.

Praful Dave while receiving an honor from state minister Nitin Patel and Mayor Asit Vora, said that it was his dream to be honored in the city of Amdavad, which has been fulfilled thanks to Asit Vora and Gaurang Vyas.

Dave started the performance by calling some older ladies of his family to sing a song which was sung when he was born.

Prafulbhai’s wife, daughter and son were present on the stage. While his son played keyboard, his wife and daughter were singing in chorus.

Prafulbhai recollected yesteryears and in a lighter tone, described how he married to his enemy(dushman) Bhartiben Kunchala and had his first individual performance in this Tagore hall.

In the course of performance joyful Prafulbhai asked the audience, “do you have any problem if my wife and daughter sing here with me?”

Prafulbhai also invited his son to play dhol and asked the audience this was a unique occasion in which the father was getting award and his son was playing dhol in joy.

Prafulbhai asked the organizers to allow those who forced by inner joy or love for the music, wanted to dance opposite the stage, or wanted to come to the stage to bless him.

In the last phase of the programme, Praful Dave jumped down the stage and visited the audience with mike.

Praful Dave requested Ahmedabad Mayor Shri Asit Vora to dance. Shri Vora, very serious and introvert by nature refused to dance, but Praful Dave continued to request him adding that he had in past successfully made few Mayors dance. Initially reluctant Asit Vora succumbed to Dave’s request and stood up and clapped and with momentary performing a style of dance he sat down shaking hand with Dave.

Praful Dave later said that to make somebody dance is tough when a person is involved in politics. “Once I was in Junagadh and I wanted to make MLA Mahendra Mashru dance. Mashru is known as very serious person, but I told him that if he would not dance, I would complain to Narendra Modi. Mashru finally danced,” Prafulbhai said.

The function to honor Shri Praful Dave was held under AMC’s Samskar Chaura initiative.

This was fifth event of Samskar chaura.

As Mayor Asit Vora is himself a singer, Samskar chaura activity has received momentum in past few months.

The entry was free in this event, like every other Samskar chaura function.

Praful Dave, his wife Bhartiben Kunchala and daughter singing, while his son Hardik is playing dhol, people dancing

Prafulbhai making his daughter singing

Prafulbhai’s wife and daughter. They too sing

A master performer

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