Watch Mahashivaratri march and syahi snan of naga babas at Bhavnath fair in Junagadh(Video)

Junagadh, 20 February 2012

Ram kathakar sant Shri Morari Bapu today morning visited the victims of Junagadh stamped in civil hospital here.

Shri Morari Bapu was accompanied by Agni Akhada chief Gopalananda bapu.

Shri Morari Bapu said that he too was stuck in traffic jam yesterday on way to Bhavnath fair. Later he dropped the idea of visiting Bhavnath taleti and rushed to the Civil hospital to meet those injured in the incident of stamped.

Meanwhile, Bharti Bapu has announced Rs 5,000 relief to immediate relative of those who died in stamped. He has announced Rs 1,000 aid to each of those injured.

Sadhu samaj has taken a decision not to use music during Syahi rawadi and Mrugi kund snan tonight.

The famous midnight march of naked saints in Bhavnath taleti will be organized just symbolically therefore.

The march is participated by the saints of Agni, Avahan and Juna akhada. All akhadas were uanimous in their decision to hold today’s procession and subsequent bath in low profile manner.

presented above are the visuals of the march and bath.

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