Video: these Muslims in Gujarat offer service to Dakor padyatris, and chant ‘Jay Ranchhod’

By DeshGujarat News, Ahmedabad, 3 March, 2012

A Muslim family in Ahmedabad, Gujarat offers water, sharbat and food packets to hundreds of Hindu pilgrims on way to Dakor where Lord Ranchhodrai( Shri Krishna)’s famous mandir is located.

A Muslim family of Abdul Kalam Pathan, his wife Nilofar, and sons Vasim, Nasim and Asim regularly do this service every year ahead of Holi when thousands of pilgrims pass through Gor-na-kuva area of Khokhra locality in Ahmedabad on way to Dakor.

This is 12th year of such service offered by Abdul Kalam and Nilofar along with their Hindu friends.

Abdul Kalam and Nilofar wear saffron scarfs and chant ‘Jay Ranchhod’ slogans while offering water and food packets to Hindu brothers and sisters.