Is good time for Gujarati films back?The next big is ‘Kevi Rite Jaish’

By Rupang Bhatt, Ahmedabad, 29 May 2012

Is good time back for Gujarati films? Hopefully yes.

The month of May saw two Gujarati films that were different. The first film that attracted our attention was Bhale Padharya. The film was completely urban. It was for the first time that Ahmedabad based famous musician/singer duo Shyamal Saumil Munshi gave music for any film. The second release was Veer Hamirji Gohil. The film with Rs 2 crore budget is doing well in multiplexes.

And in this month only, another Gujarati film Kevi Rite Jaish witnessed its music launch. Kevi Rite Jaish is all set to release on 30th June in Ahmedabad and other parts of Gujarat.

It is a complete urban film.

The rock version of a song Pankhida from this film is super-hit on Youtube. It has crossed more than 60,000 views. Other videos that feature trailer of the film are also popular online.

Facebook page of the film has crossed the figure of 5,000 followers.

All the songs of Kevi Rite Jaish are available online for free download.Three songs ‘Kevi Rite Jaish’, ‘Pankhida’ and ‘Kharekhar’ are top downloads.

It is widely expected that the film will attract large number of typical Hindi film goer urban Gujarati youths to multiplexes.

The production seems superb, subject is touching, the music is world-class, and trailers are tempting. If the script, drama and flow turn out to be as per the expectation, then the film could be the first Gujarati urban super-hit.

Want to know more about the film? Here is its website

Want to see the trailers? Here is the Youtube channel

Want to connect with the updates? Here is the Facebook page and here is the Twitter link

Want to download the songs for free? Here is the link

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