Boman Irani and Sharman Joshi in Gujarat on Ferrari Ki Sawari (Video)

Ahmedabad, 1 June 2012

They both are associated with stage. They both are known as brilliant actor. They both talk in Gujarati with each other when on set. They are Boman Irani and Sharman Joshi.

They were today in Ahmedabad to promote their film ‘Ferrary ki sawari’.

In this film Sharman plays a role of a father, while Boman is grand father.

Sharman wants his son to get the best cricket coaching, while Boman is against the game of cricket.

Then there’s a story of Ferrari car, through which Sharman manages to get Rs 1.5 lakh for his son.

Speaking to media persons, Boman praised Sharman for his commitment to this film, and to his role in the film.

Boman said, “to play a role of father, Sharman auditioned for 30-40 times, which is incredible.”

Sharman said, “though I am a father in real life, this character of the film was extremely challenging to play.

Sharman said Ahmedabad is truly his second home where Thakorbhai Desai hall used to be his base camp. Sharman recalled the food he used to enjoy at Law Garden which is located just next to the Thakorbhai Desai hall where he used to come often to play dramas.

“Seeing beautiful girls and enjoying tasty food at Law Garden used to inspire me to play a good role in drama at Thakorbhai Desai hall,” Sharman said.

When pointed out that the film has no heroine in its poster, Boman Irani said there’s a song featuring Vidya Balan. “It’s not an item number,” Boman clarified and said good films run on their script. He gave examples of films like Khosla ka ghosla.

When a journalist asked “will the hike in petrol prices would affect Ferrari ki sawari?” Boman replied that, yes the petrol price has been hiked, but the ticket price of this film will remain same.

After Ahmedabad, Boman and Sharman left for Surat, another major city in Gujarat.

It is interesting to note that the red Ferrari car that has been shown as Sachin Tendulkar’s car in the film is the same car that Michael Shoemaker gifted to Sachin Tendulkar.

“Sachin sold the car to Surat based Jayesh Desai, and it was on Sachin’s request that Jayesh Desai kindly gave us the car to use in our film. We are looking forward to meet Mr. Desai in Surat,” Sharman said.

Replying to a reporter, Sharman said his favorite car is Ferrari, while Boman said his favorite car is Rolls Royce.
Vinod Chopra Films is coming up with their next film Ferrari Ki Sawaari. This film is directed by Rajesh Mapuskar, starring Sharman Joshi in the lead. The film is scheduled to be released on June 15, 2012.

About the film

Ferrari Ki Sawaari is about father-son relationship, and how a father can go till any extent just to fulfill his kid’s dream. It is a heartwarming story of small guys and their big dreams.

Sharman Joshi

Sharman Joshi belongs to a family of actors. His father was a known theatre actor and his sister acted in many television serials.

Ferrari Ki Sawaari is a very important film for him as after 3 Idiots all he focused on was this film. It’s his first solo lead film. He is eagerly awaiting the release of the film. He got many offers but he did not take up any other project.

After watching 3 Idiots, Vidhu Vinod Chopra and Rajkumar Hirani had decided of casting him in their next film. And other than Ferrari Ki Sawaari, the duo have already offered Sharman one more film Chitthiyaan.

Ferrari Ki Sawaari is about Father- Son relationship. The film story to little extent connects with Sharman’s real life too. Sharman’s father supported him in all the phases of life and it’s because of him he has reached this stage of success.

Boman Irani

Boman Irani will be seen playing an important role in the film Ferrari Ki Sawaari. He is playing Sharman’s father and the grand father of the little kid in the film. Boman who’s a Parsi can speak various languages fluently which includes Gujarati also. Acting had been a passion to Boman even during school and college days. He has reached such a stage in life only because his passion for acting. He has struggled a lot. has even worked as a waiter in Hotel Taj but finally achieved what he always wanted to do.

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