Narendra Modi can deliver marvelous speech in any function, here is an example (Video)

Ahmedabad, 5 August 2012

It was a simple function to present appointing letters to newly inducted drivers and conductors of Gujarat State Road Transport Corporation (GSRTC) this week, but Chief Minister Narendra Modi’s speech took the function to new heights. Modi is a truly great orator who can make an ordinary subject interesting, and this 36-minute long speech is a strong example of this (usually his speeches tend to be 20-25 minutes long).

Modi spoke about why he doesn’t get tired. He spoke about how you get Government jobs without paying anything to touts or anybody these days. Modi touched their hearts when he inspired newly inducted drivers and conductors (many of them Muslims) to continue to study through distance education and other modes to take their life to a higher level. Shri Modi gave his own example that he was once working in a food stall at GSRTC’s Ahmedabad bus-stand campus and became the Chief Minister later on in life. Shri Modi talked about the improvement the government had brought in GSRTC’s performance. Shri Modi said why should S.T. bus stations not be like airports? The speech is interesting, and it is in Gujarati.

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