This is how Shaktisinh had to leave ‘Chalo Gujarat’ stage (Video)

New Jersey, 3 September 2012

Leader of opposition in Gujarat Shri Shaktisinh Gohil faced anger of NRI Gujarati community in New Jersey based ‘Chalo Gujarat’ event yesterday. According to those who were there attending the event, Shri Gohil in his speech spoke about Ravana style slaughter of Modi and compared development of the state with golden Lanka of Ravana. A group of NRI Gujaratis angry with such remarks, stood up and started shouting in protest. Some of the organizers went to the podium and requested Shaktisinh to end his speech. Gohil winded up his speech at that point and left the stage(Video). After some disturbance, Gohil took a seat in the front row, but when the event completed, some angry youths were seen trying to rush towards him.He was then cordoned off on his way out.

Grand welcome event organized for Shaktisinh Gohil in New York

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