CM felicitates Dudhsagar dairy chairman Vipul Chaudhary

Ahmedabad, 16 September 2012

Inaugurating the silver jubilee celebration of Gandhinagar’s Akhil Anjana Kelavani Mandal today the Chief Minister Narendra Modi said that the community which keep itself engaged in playing political games, obstruct its own growth, whereas the community which match pace with the changing time and adopt the means of education, keep on progressing. Anjana-Chaudhary community has created a bright future for itself by adhering to education.

Chief Minister congratulated the organizers of about 19 different educational institutes managed by Akhil Anjana Kelavani Mandal. He lauded them for keeping the rural ethos intact while contributing for various activities of social empowerment, especially for encouraging girl child education.

Felicitating Mr. Vipul Chaudhary, chairman of Dhudsagar dairy, on the occasion, the Chief Minister recalled his old acquaintance and bond with the Chaudhary community.

Speaking about the importance of equal treatment to boys and girls, the Chief Minister explained how the sinful act of female foeticide can create imbalance in the society. “Female birth rate has increased greatly due to the state government’s programmes like Beti Bhachvo.” But still on average we see 75 of less girls than boys per thousand births, he said. He appealed people to take vows for not discriminating between boys and girls.

The Chief Minister also spoke about the state government’s achievements in the field of education and the objectives behind setting up of Kamdhenu University and Sports University.

He outlined the state’s plan to start sport school in every district with a view to provide new opportunities to youths in the field of sports.

Responding to his felicitation Mr.Vipul Chaudhary acknowledged his indebtedness towards the society. He said that entire Anjana-Chaudhary community of north Gujarat will work with full force to strengthen Mr.Modi’s hand.

Minister of State Parbat Patel, MLA Shankar Chaudhary, community leaders, members of Anjana-Chaudhary community including women were present on the occasion.

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