Modi opens two new BRTS routes

Ahmedabad, 25 December 2012

Gujarat Chief Minister Shri Narendra Modi today dedicated two new Bus Rapid Transit System(BRTS) routes in Amdavad. Shri Modi launched the routes through remote control on the stage at Kankaria lake front.

The new routes will connect existing RTO BRTS stand with Visat-Gandhinagar junction(4.5 km) and Sola cross roads with Sola bridge(Science City approach 3.5 km). Thus the total length of new routes is 8 km.

At present BRTS is functional on 52 km route with 128 buses in service inlcuding 21 AC buses. Everyday 119 buses are used as per the schedule. With the addition of two new routes, the total route is now 61 km long.

One bus would be available at every 6th minute on Maninagar to Visat Gandhinagar junction route. A new route of Delhi Darwaja-Sola bridge will be started. BRTS buses are available to public during 6.00 am to 11.00 pm.

There are total 80 BRTS stands functioning at present. With new 12 bus stations, the figure will touch 92.

At present 1,25,000 passengers use BRTS everyday, contributing Rs 9.50 lakh revenue per day.