An American’s “Jay Gujarat”

Gandhinagar, 11 January 2013

American Consul General Peter Haas was present at the Vibrant Gujarat summit 2013’s inaugural function, but he was sitting in the front row among the audience. The American representing his country in this summit was Ron Somers, an American businessman who is President of the U.S.-India Business Council. Somers in his speech praised Gujarat Chief Minister for setting up a new benchmark of progress overshadowing politics.

“Congratulations are due, it was 2001 when the CM began his innings and here we are in 2013 and the progress is stunning. Sir(addressing Modi) you have set a new benchmark not just all across India, but in other countries as well and that new benchmark is the progress trumps politics,” he said.

Taking a note of Gujarat’s remarkable growth rate, Ron said, “I ask how many other economies around the world states or countries or provinces boast in this economy, double digit growth, a GDP greater than 11%, and I can tell you, you can count those on one hand, and Gujarat is on the top of the list. Why is this? It’s because of predictability, it’s because of certainty. When you invest, you know your investment will become implemented, and you have empowered your bureaucracy, when the green light is given, the project comes through. The infrastructure is evident everywhere, the ports – one third of country’s sea side is here in Gujarat, the roads, the logistics, and sir you have created energy security, the best network of gas pipeline, Dahej, Hazira, the Mundra port.”

“Gujarat is host to a dynamic entrepreneurial people. Wherever they go, the Gujarati people succeed. Just look at the Gujarati influence in Africa. A half of the three million Americans of Indian origins are from Gujarat. Sir this is an example of success wherever they travel, and the Gujarati people are certainly succeeding and flourishing here in Gujarat.”

“All of us are here to invest and to endorse the dynamism of Gujarati people. Jay Hind, Jay Gujarat, God bless America!”

There’s no doubt that this American attracted much applause for saying Jay Gujarat.

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