Chetan Bhagat on Modi1, Modi2 and Modi3

Ahmedabad, 7 February 2013

This is what famous author with huge youth following Chetan Bhagat spoke in one of the TV debates on Thursday evening on Narendra Modi and current state of affairs:

“It has been discussed much that Modiji has done well in Gujarat, but what I believe is that he is a very good politician. A politician has to change with public mood. When communal issue mood was there in the country, that was Modi version 1, when he elected for the first time. And when he won the election for second time, he won it on development agenda.”

“And (now) Modi 3 will be about how to push India ahead, how to run country, how to make relations beyond Gujarat, because it is people’s demand.”

“People need change. People gave a chance to Rahul Gandhi in past. Once when Rahul Gandhi traveled in local train there was hungama then, today people would make fun of it. Five years back if Rahul Gandhi had visited a college to deliver speech, same amount of coverage could be resulted, but he has lost the opportunity, and public see a ray of hope in Narendra Modi. And he is capitalizing it and I think it is good, let’s not take side, but everyone sitting here would believe that 2014 eletions should see tough fight to give the best leader to India, because if anyone thinks that he would win easily, it would not be good, but as one panelist said, at this time Narendra Modiji’s is continuously going up. I have been saying it for last two-three years but I was ridiculed(at that time), but now his stars are high and now all believe this. Rahulji gave a speech in Chintan bethak and God knows what happened then after, but Modiji is doings something, and that’s the people want.”

“Common men or youths don’t understand GDP growth. A perception is more important, and there is a perception that Modi is a bold and tough leader and country needs such change, youths need job that are dwindling and they feel that Modi will bring industrial development and will provide job. And against Rahul Gandhi’s personality, Modiji’s personality looks much stronger.”

“And you asked about Modi 3, I believe Modi 3’s biggest task is to make friends. Modi 2 brought development but whether he can make friends or not? Because coalition politics is here to stay in India. Modi 3 is all about making friends. Therfore the first sweet was presented to Keshubhai Patel, and he met Rajnath Singh, and met Yashwant Sinha, went to SRCC, won hearts in Delhi, this will be Modi 3.”

“It is very clear that hurricane can’t be stopped with a small blow of air from mouth. And public wave is overwhelmingly with Narendra Modi. And he will make the friends, when he has made so many fans. This is my view, I am not taking side. When tough administration is needed, he does that, when there’s a need to make friends, he would make. JD(U) I think should not have any problem in supporting Modi, because Nitish 2 has arrived. Nitishji doesn’t get votes in the name of religion now, Nitishji is himself a brand, he will continue to get votes, he enjoys his own prestige. So JDU(should have) no problem. Shiv Sena will have to support, they have many competitors, they have recently lost a leader, so how can they go against public sentiment? Ofcourse they are right in saying that there’s one formal process of decision making, and not TV debates can decide the things.”

“Now when Rahul Gandhi is weak, what they(Congress people) can do. You(Congress men) have to defend it(Rahul). But go and advise him that why doesn’t he talk to media? Why he is hiding, why he doesn’t give interview? If he is publicly accountable then why doesn’t he talk to people?”

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