Upcoming by-polls may lift BJP up above 2007 mark in Gujarat

By our correspondent, Ahmedabad, 25 February 2013

Resignations of Dhoraji MLA Vitthal Radadia and Jetpur MLA Jayesh Radadia will invite two more assembly by-polls in Gujarat. Following are the details of the by-polls that are to be witnessed in Gujarat in next few months.

Morva Hadaf assembly seat:
This is a tribal seat located in Panchamahal district of east Gujarat. Congress party won the seat, but its winner candidate Savitaben Khant died on the election result day due to hemorrhage. As per the rule, a seat can’t be vacant for more than six months. Thus the election on this seat has to be held maximum by the middle of this year.

Limbdi assembly seat: Gujarat Congress fielded Lok Sabha MP Soma Ganda Patel on this assembly seat in Gujarat Assembly general elections last year. Soma Ganda won the seat with narrow margin. Later as per the rule Somabhai had to take decision on whether to leave assembly seat(Limbdi) or Lok Sabha seat(Surendranagar). As per the direction of party high-command, Somabhai resigned from Limbdi assembly seat. Thus the seat is vacant, and by-poll is due.

Porbandar Lok Sabha seat:
Gujarat Congress fielded Lok Sabha MP of Porbandar Shri Vitthal Radadia on Dhoraji assembly seat in Gujarat assembly general elections last year. Vitthalbhai won Dhoraji assembly seat. Later as per the rule he had to take decision on whether to leave assembly seat(Dhoraji) or Lok Sabha seat(Porbandar). Though his party high command asked Vitthalbhai to leave assembly seat, Vitthalbhai refused and resigned from the Lok Sabha seat. Thus he invited Porbandar Lok Sabha by-poll which is due.

Dhoraji assembly seat: Vitthal Radadia won this seat as Congress candidate, but later decided to join BJP. To rescue self from anti-defection law he has today resigned from the seat. By-poll is certain on this seat now.

Jetpur assembly seat: Vitthal Radadia’s son Jayesh Radadia contested on Congress ticket and won Jetpur seat. Now with his father, he too is joining BJP, and to save self from anti-defection law he has resigned today. By-poll is certain now on this seat, and he may contest it again.

Note: BJP won 115 out of 182 seats in last year’s Gujarat elections, Congress won 61. After sad death of Savitaben Khant, Congress was down at 60. With resignation of MP Soma Patel, Congress was one step down at 59. Now with Radadias leaving the party, Congress is at 57. BJP had won 117 seats in 2007 general elections, but in 2012 polls the party could secure victory on 115 seats. However upcoming by-polls may push BJP to above 117 mark. BJP will be able to win three assembly seats; Dhoraji, Jetpur and Limbdi, while Morva-Hadaf is Congress bastion, and only strong candidate can make BJP victorious there.

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