Shocking:Blood donation causes death of a teenage donor in Gujarat!

By our correspondent, Valsad, 28 February 2013

In what can be described as a unique kind of occurrence, a 17-year-old student died due to Vasovagal attack after donating blood.

One Lakshmi Vidyapith run college in Sarigam in Umargam taluka of south Gujarat had organized blood donation camp on 15 October last year. The blood donation camp was organized jointly by Lakshmi Vidyapith, Valsad Raktadan Kendra and Selvas based Red cross center.

Nirbhay Rajubhai Patel(17) from Khanduji tekra, Valsad, first year student of Mechanical engineering came to the blood donation camp and donated blood for the first time in his life at 10.00 am.

Nirbhay was unwell soon after donating blood. He felt himself unbalanced. At around 1.00 pm he suffered pain in stomach. He boarded Valsad Raktadan Kendra’s vehicle to come back to his home in Valsad. Just near Valsad over bridge Nirbhay faced Epilepsy attack and he collapsed.

As Nirbhay’s death was not normal in nature, a panel of doctors including Forensic expert Dr. Vaghela and others carried out postmortem of his body in Valsad Civil hospital.

The report is out just recently and it provides startling facts. Nirbhay’s father Rajubhai Patel who is a local journalist held a press conference to share the details of postmortem report. As per Dr. Pruthviraj Vaghela who carried out postmortem, Nirbhay died due to vasovagal attack.

Doctor Vaghela said, when more than 400 ml blood is taken from donor’s body, it results into low blood-pressure effect which means lower supply of blood to brain. This triggers the situation of sudden non-functioning of heart. This is called Vasovagal attack.

As per the law the prescribed age of donating blood is 18+. It means a donor must complete 18 years before donating blood. But Nirbhay was not 18, and he was allowed to donate blood.

Rajubhai Patel showed the form filled up at the time of donating blood where Nirbhay’s birth year 1995 was erased and replaced with 1993. Not only this but his weight 65 kg was erased and replaced with 70 kg. Valsad Raktadan Kendra’s Honorary Secretary Dr. Yezdi Italia who was present in a press conference also admitted the mistake of his institution.

Dr. Yezdi said that whatever happened with Nirbhay was rarest of the rare incident. A conference to discuss post-blood donation crisis like Vasovagal attack and others has been held in Surat where all maximum number of blood banks are invited.

Valsad medical college dean Dr. RD Patel and Medicine department head Dr. Gheevala were of opinion that doctors who are familiar with occurrence of Vasavogal attack should be part of the blood donation camps.

Rajubhai Patel, father of Nirbhay said that he didn’t wish money or anything else, but in future no one else should die like Nirbhay. The organizers of blood donation camp should clearly announce that only 18+ are allowed to donate blood.

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