Haryana Janhit Congress Party President Kuldeep Bishnoi pays courtesy visit to Gujarat CM

Gandhinagar, 30 May 2013

Haryana Janhit Congress Party (HJC) President Kuldeep Bishnoi paid courtesy visit to the Gujarat Chief Minister Narendra Modi today.

Mr. Bishnoi said, “It is not only me who is impressed by Gujarat’s development and Mr. Modi’s leadership and personality. He is a visionary and legendary leader who has carved a place in the hearts of people across the world for his development initiatives.”

Mr. Kuldeep Bishnoi, son of senior political leader of Haryana late Mr. Bhajan Lal, said that it was his first Gujarat visit and that by coming here he could experience in person what he had heard of the Gujarat’s development. Attributing the State’s development to the Chief Minister Narendra Modi he said that Gujarat’s development is inspiring for the other States.

Even a common man in Haryana now proudly points towards “Modi’s Gujarat” when it comes to development. People in all corners give Mr. Modi’s name, when asked how the Prime Minister of India should be. He has emerged as a role model not only of the youths but of the people in general for the development of the nation, he added.

Bishnoi, after meeting Modi

Coming out of his meeting with Gujarat Chief Minister Narendra Modi, Kuldeep Bishnoi, who is the Lok Sabha MP from Hissar and is the President of Haryana Janhit Congress said that Narendra Modi is an idol and role model when it comes to development. He said that when he was interacting with youngsters in England, where his children study, the youngsters unanimously said that if India wants development, it needs Narendra Modi.

Bishnoi also said that Narendra Modi is a legend who is born to rule. “We are totally with him and India needs a leader like him,” said Bishnoi. He added that when he goes to any village of Haryana, people ask for ‘Narendra Modi type development’ in Haryana.

The MP said that this is the first time he is visiting Gujarat and that he is very impressed with the development. He credited Modi with creating such developing in such a short span of time.

Kuldeep Bishnoi’s HJC is a part of the NDA and commands substantial support among the non-Jat communities in Haryana. With a beleaguered Congress and a jailed Chautala, Bishnoi is seen by many as a rising star in Haryana politics. His strong backing of Modi will surely silence many who talk about his acceptability among NDA allies and potential allies.