A play featuring Chandrakant Bakshi’s life opens on 15 June

Etv interview of late Shri Bakshi via Youtube

Mumbai, 12 June 2013

A play featuring the life of top Gujarati author later Shri Chandrakant Bakshi will be staged in Mumbai from 15 June. ‘Hu Chandrakant Bakshi’ a Gujarati play written by Shishir Ramavat is produced and directed by Manoj Shah. The role of Chandrakant Bakshi will be played by Pratik Gandhi.

Bakshi wrote fiercely and forcefully without bothering about controversies. Mr. Bakshi was a master storyteller who wrote more than 200 books on different subjects. He was a popular columnist too. His acidic and very creative style was a highpoint for both Gujarati literature and journalism. He was a Professor and an ousted Principal of a college who even went on to became the Sheriff of Mumbai.

Show timings:

Prithvi theatre 9.00 pm, 15 June, 4.00 pm 16 June, 9.00 pm 16 June, and NCPA 7.00 pm 22 June.

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