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Rs.8-16 lakh prosthetic hand introduced at govt spine hospital(Video)

Ahmedabad, 20 July 2013

A Scottish company introduced new generation prosthetic hand at Ahmedabad based government spine hospital. With the i-limb ultra, your prosthesis looks and moves more like a natural hand than any other powered prosthetic hand. Each finger bends at the natural joints so that it can accurately adapt to fit around the shape of the object you want to grasp.Powered by Touch Bionics’ unique biosim software, the i-limb ultra is the most versatile prosthetic hand available, providing you with the ability to customize the hand for your daily needs. A Scottish company, Touch bionics from Ireland, who demonstrate an artificial hands works 90% as real hand. But the price is between 8 to 16 lakhs. The first documented person to wear a prosthetic hand was Marcus Sergius, a decorated Roman general during the Second Punic War who lost his right hand in a sword fight. Doctors fashioned new fingers from iron, clutched his shield and charged back into battle. The i-limb has features like power rotating thumb, auto grasp, proportional control, flexible wrist operation, two types of grips and mobile control application. This intelligent hand unit can lift weight upto 80 kg. Its battery lasts for 90 hours. It has five batteries. So far 15 people are given benefit of this technology in India.