Gujarat Police Chief visits PP Pandey:Unity and welfare in agenda

Gandhinagar, 21 August 2013

It was a good gesture by Gujarat Police Chief Amitabh Pathak

Gujarat Police Chief DGP Amitabh Pathak and two other senior Gujarat Police officials RR Bhagat and AK Singh on Monday went to CBI headquarters in Gandhinagar to meet ADGP PP Pandey who is in CBI custody in connection with year 2004 encounter case.

Gujarat Police’s top officers had taken permission from CBI before visiting Shri Pandey.

Gujarat Police’s top most officer DGP Amitabh Pathak said that the motive behind this visit was to show unity of police force. He said he asked Shri Pandey if he or his family were in any need for help from the Gujarat Police.

Shri Pathak said that Pandey was first police officer arrested during his term in encounter case, therefore he went to meet him. He would like to meet other police officers also with an angle of welfare.

Meanwhile Shri Pandey’s remand period ends today. He will be produced in CBI court. During the remands, Shri Pandey was permitted to keep his lawyer with him at sufficient distance.

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