Who are with Asaram in his difficult time, and why

A photo posted by Dr. Subramanian Swamy on Facebook

By Rupang Bhatt, Ahmedabad, 1 September 2013

While mainstrea media are completely against him and political parties are maintaining safe distance from him, who are in open support of Asaram Bapu at this difficult time?

Asaram Bapu’s followers are obviously in Asaram Bapu’s support. They are too many, but too scattered. In an interview in Gujarati magazine Chitralekha this year Asaram Bapu estimatd that he has more than two crore followers. In same breath he said that earlier he used to count the number of his followers, but after the figure crossed two crore mark, he stopped counting it.  Asaram’s followers are holding rallies and dharnas across India. In Maharashtra some followers stopped train today. In Delhi, Asaram’s followers held dharna opposite Indian Home Minister Shinde’s house today. Many such programmes are given in other cities too. The followers are waiting for Asaram or his son Narayan Sai’s order to do something. However both have presently asked followers to maintain peace.

It has to be mentioned that contrary to middle class and rich followers of Morari Bapu, Sri Sri Ravi Shankar and Ramdev, this Asaram Bapu enjoys large number of lower middle class, poor, tribal and rural people as followers. Asaram’s style of functioning suit this class. This is the area where famous contemporary Hindu saints failed to penetrate, and Christian Missionaries enjoyed its spread. 400 Ashrams, and millions of followers is not a small thing. Right wing TV channel ‘Sudarshan TV’ is therefore in Asaram Bapu’s support.  Sudarshan TV is not mainstream popular TV. Asaram’s supporters therefore post Sudarshan TV’s videos and facts shown on this channel on Youtube and other online platforms.  http://www.sudarshannews.com/news/

Then there’s some organization called ‘Dharm Rakshak Shri Dara Sena’ based in New Delhi. This organization with support of other organizations like Akhil Bharat Hindu Mahasabha, Bharat Jagruti Morcha, Hindu Rashtra Nirman Mahasangh etc organized dharna at Jantar Mantar in Delhi on 31st August.

Dara Sena Chief Swami Aum in a statement issued yesterday said that Naxalite Missioneries involved in Christian religious conversion have conspired against Asaram. Christian Missionaries want to carve out a separate Christian nation on Indian land by year 2050. Asaram has been distributing lakhs of books against religious conversion activity of Missionaries. The network of missionaries killed swami Laxmanananda in Orissa, and now they have conspired against Asaram. 

Though a vocal section of Sadhus refuse to recognize Asaram as saint(because Asaram had no Guru and he didn’t become Sadhu through formal route of diksha in Kumbh mela) Vishwa Hindu Parishad leaders Ashok Singhal and Dr. Pravin Togadia have openly supported Asaram Bapu.

But the top person supporting Asaram Bapu in his difficult time is Dr. Subramanian Swamy. 

Dr. Swamy on twitter sad, “I have sent my legal sharp cookies to assess the police documents on the Asaram Bapu case. Await my tweet.”

He added, “I am also legal cell convenor of Hindu Dharma Acharya Sabha. So I have to keep myself informed.”

He tweeted, “all those campaigning against Asaram Bapu should write down all the accusations by date, by whom, where and which proved so far.”

“In democracy we can differ. He is entitled to his fundamental rights against mere accusations.”

Dr. Swamy only retweets the tweet he agrees with. His retweet on Asaram Bapu reads, “Asaram was used as weapon to divert attention of people and media from economic crisis and corruption by Congress. They did it.”

Following is Dr. Swamy’s post on Facebook that has now more than 5,000 likes and nearly nearly same number of shares:

Let the truth come forward, let him be punished if guilty but until then – let’s not be self appointed judges riding the moral high horse in our delusion.
If nothing else, we must defend the right of Asaram Bapu to defend himself.

Here are some facts to take into perspective, (do watch the video of Dr Swamy’s debate at the end of the post)

1. Asaram Bapu has been the forefront in countering the religious conversion work in states of Gujarat, Rajasthan and Madhya Pradesh.

2. He exposed Sonia Gandhi directly as an agent of Vatican and Christian Missionaries, as she is working to destroy India from inside.

3. Those who are attacking Asaram bapu, are the same “Secular and Communist” stooges, NGOs and Media houses, who kept on attacking Mr Narendra Modi for past 10 years.

4. The gullible and simple minded Hindus do not see the bigger game plan of the Anti-Hindu, Anti-National forces and their covert means of defaming Hindu saints.

5. Earlier, Kanchi Shankaracharyas was arrested on false murder charges. When he was released no media house apologized for calling him a murderer.

6. Sadhvi Pragya Singh Thakur has been in prison for past six years without single evidence or charge-sheet against her – because she is a Hindu Sadhvi.

7. The worst part of it all is, this secular-inferiority-complex of majority of Hindus makes them believe everything – the moment media says it.
No evidence, no trial, no conviction – suddenly everyone becomes a judge. Because our media and movies have burnt this in our minds that if it’s a Hindu Saint, he must be a corrupt pervert.

Full interview by Dr. Subramanian Swamy :

Statement video by Asaram Bapu to Media:


Vatican propaganda against us: http://www.facebook.com/photo.php?v=154664681392370

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