DMIC:Bhimnath-Dholera rail line,Dahej water projects approved

New Delhi, 12 September 2013

DMIC Trust in its meeting held this week had approved nine projects with an investment of Rs. 1,20,000 crores from Central, State Governments and the private sectors. The meeting was chaired by Secretary, DEA Mr. Arvind Mayaram; Secretary, Department of Industrial Policy & Promotion, Mr. Saurabh Chandra, CEO & MD, DMICDC, Mr. Amitabh Kant and Joint Secretary, Expenditure, Mr. Saurabh Garg. These projects will drive the growth of manufacturing and bring in cutting edge technology from Japan. The projects will generate 2,15,000 direct jobs and 6,18,000 indirect jobs to the Indian economy. Details of the projects are given below:

1.Integrated Industrial Township ‘Vikram Udyogpuri’ Near Ujjain

‘Vikram Udyogpuri’ Project will have sustainable economic base primarily driven by industries (manufacturing) integrated with institutional (public and semi-public use) and supported by residential land use and commercial activities.

The site for the proposed ‘Vikram Udyogpuri’ is located about 8km from Ujjain and 12km from Dewas and has a total area of 443.79 Ha (1096.63 acres).

The township would consist of Automotive & Auto-Components, IT/ITeS and Engineering Services industries and educational institutions, supported by residential, commercial and other urban facilities including supporting social and physical infrastructure to boost the same.

The total revenue (direct & indirect) expected to be generated by the project is Rs. 1,20,600 crore by 2040.The project is expected to generate an employment of 78000 (direct and indirect) by 2040.

2.Integrated Multi Modal Logistic Hub, Rewari

The site is about 965 acres and is in Rewari district of Haryana and is adjacent to the proposed Western DFC to its North and NH-8 in the West near Garhi Bolni on NH-8. The project will handle 1.4 million TEUs and will have a total container handing in the range of Rs. 38000-40000 crores.

The IMLH will provide facilities for large, small and medium enterprises which will be benefitted from the proximity to the logistics hub. The site has provision for commercial office/retail space to cater to businesses like those of freight forwarders, operators, third-party logistics (3PL) companies, fourth-party logistics (4PL) companies, etc. Other supplementary facilities at the site comprise administration buildings, utility areas and greens.

3.Integrated Industrial Township at Greater Noida

The Integrated Industrial Township is an initiative of DMIC to drive manufacturing activity in the region in order to promote sustainable development. The township will act as a magnet to promote R&D activities, and will subsequently promote industrial development, in line with DMIC’s objective to promote industrial and manufacturing activities in the Dadri Noida Ghaziabad Investment Region (DNGIR).

Based upon historical and existing trends, inherent advantages of India and UP, existing status of the industry in the State, government policies, view of industry experts and potential investors, the Integrated Industrial Township is proposed with new age industry sectors such as Bio-technology, Hi-tech electronics industry, and Research and Development (R&D). The Integrated Industrial Township will also support in key sectors like telecom, electronics, automobile, food, pharmaceutical, healthcare, and defense research sector.

It has a total site area of 302.5 Ha (747.5 acres). The total project size is in the region of Rs. 33000 crores.

4.Integrated Multi Modal Logistic Hub at Greater Noida near Dadri

The MMLH has been planned in congruence with DMIC’s objective of creating strong economic base with a globally competitive environment and state-of-the-art infrastructure facilities. The proposed site of IMLH is a part of the delineated site for Dadri Noida Ghaziabad Investment Region (DNGIR) and is strategically located in close proximity to the point of congruence of the Western and Eastern DFC and also the proposed freight corridor of Eastern Peripheral Expressway.

The total area of 438.9 Ha has been earmarked for this project which includes area of 293.8 Ha which will be developed in Phase-1. The total investment in the project will be approximately Rs. 35000 crores.

5.Improvement of water supply system for Pithampur Industrial Area & Phase I of Pithampur- Dhar- Mhow Investment Region, Madhya Pradesh

The availability of 24×7 water supply at adequate pressure is essential for the development of the Pithampur-Dhar-Mhow Investment Region. The project will provide 90 MLD water from Narmada Kshripra Simhastha Link to meet the future water requirements of the Project area. The Project area includes Pithampur Industrial Area, Phase-I of Pithampur-Dhar-Mhow Investment Region, with major industrial development proposed in the vicinity such as the Diamond Park and Sonvaya Bhainslai Industrial Area. The Municipal areas of Pithampur and the Betma are also included in the Project Area.
Project cost is in the range of Rs. 300 to Rs. 320 crores.

6.Construction of New Rail Line from Bhimnath to Dholera Special Investment Region in Gujarat

Dholera Special Investment Region (DSIR) will be connected to Indian Railways network through a Bhimnath-Dholera new line and the existing Bhimnath-Botad MG rail link, converted to BG. Botad-Bhimnath (29.66) & Bhimnath-Dholera (27.60) sections will have a total length of about 57.26 km and will provide rail connectivity between DSIR and the rest of the country, including sea-ports.

The total cost of the project is approximately Rs. 250 crores.

7. Solar Power Project at Neemrana, Rajasthan

The Model Solar Power Project at Neemrana, Rajasthan is a unique initiative of the Delhi-Mumbai Industrial Corridor Project and has been conceived as the First Smart Micro-Grid Project in the country demonstrating the concept of integration of Solar Power with industrial Diesel Generator sets.

DMICDC in partnership with NEDO and HITACHI is setting up 6.00 MWp Solar Photovoltaic (PV) power project and 1 MW Diesel generator power projects in Neemrana Industrial Park, Japanese Zone, Neemrana, Rajasthan. The project will bring in cutting edge Japanese technology with invertor technology.

8. Water Desalination Project at Dahej, Gujarat

The Project envisages, desalinating seawater to make water available for industrial purpose and with the capacity of 336 Million Litre per day (MLD) and will be Asia’s largest desalination plant. Dahej is India’s fastest growing Industrial Region and is facing severe shortage of water. Any further industrialisation in the Dahej Industrial Region is subject to adequate availability of water. This is Asia’s largest Desalination Project with an outlay of Rs. 3600 crores. The project will be executed by HITACHI of Japan & Hyflux of Singapore. DMIC Trust will have 15 % equity into the project.

9.Logistic Data Bank Project for Tracking Container Cargo Movement on Integrated Basis

The project developed by NEC Corporation of Japan to address the issue of tracking and viewing the movement of containers across the ports to the ICDs and end users. The LDB would also provide value added services including comparative metric based analysis. This would enable the Government of India, State Governments, importers, exporters and other stakeholders to assess comparative performance; identify inefficiencies and bottlenecks to develop strategies to ensure the development of the sector.

The project will be implemented through a 50:50 JV between DMIC Trust and Japanese Agency NEC.

The LDB would be an overarching solution that will integrate the information available with various agencies across the supply chain to provide detailed real time information within a single window. LDB can help reduce the transportation lead-time by approximately 5 days which in turn would result in savings of USD 3.2 billion annually by 2017 by virtue of lesser Inventory being carried by the industry.