The best day of year for Kutch,water worries are over, Hamirsar, Khengarsagar overflow

Bhuj, 27 September 2013

Updates: Mundra’s Khengarsagar overflows, a breach in small dam near Rapar, Hamirsar overflows and worshipped by people


And after Surat, Vadodara, Ahmedabad and Saurashtra, now here is Kutch’s turn to receive sufficient water for one full year.

After around five to six inch rain in one night, worries regarding water are over. There’s heavy rain in Bhuj, Gandhidham and other parts of Kutch.

Bhuj’s Hamirsar lake is now almost full, and may overflow anytime. Bhuj has a tradition to observe holiday when Hamirsar overflows.

Schools in Bhuj and other towns and villages in Kutch are observing leave today due to heavy rain which has come as a surprise.

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