This is not Kashmir: When Vadodara DSP told Sansrod Muslims

Ahmedabad, 17 October 2013

What happened at Sansrod yesterday is worth explaining in detail here:

Details of the event:

-Sansrod is a village in Karjan taluka of Vadodara district in central Gujarat. It is located next to national highway no.8. This Muslim dominated village has around 10,000 population. Village sarpanch is Muslim.

-On Id-Ul-Zuha(Bakr Eid) day (Wednesday, 16th October 2013) Shinor police’s ASI Bhupendrasinh Gumansinh was in Karjan where Karjan CPI(Circle Police Inspector) Vala received information about slaughter of cows. The information was passed on by wellknown local animal right activist Jatin Vyas.

-A team of police visited Sansrod to raid the place where slaughter was being carried out. When police team reached, two deadbodies of calves were lying there, photos of which are published in some Gujarati newspapers today.

-Four butchers were caught red-handed. Later police involved itself in panchnama procedure.

-According to head constable/driver Bhagvangiri Shankargiri, suddenly there was a voice like a siren from the mosque. Soon a large mob of over 200 Muslims gathered there. Some of them were possessing sharp weapons.

-Bhupendrasinh was attacked with sharp weapon on his chest and back, and was also beaten up with bamboo stick.

-Other police men were injured in heavy stone pelting.

-PSI Sagar fired two rounds in air. 22 tear gas shells were lobbed.

-Muslims snatched PSI Sagar’s revolver and threw it to rain water channel. A JCB excavator machine was employed on urgent basis to recover revolver. After hours of efforts, revolver was found out.

-Police men FD Solanki, Rajendrasinh Lallubhai and Jesingbhai and Vanraj Bharwad ran away and had shelter in one house owned by local Hindu Vasantbhai Bhatt. Muslims surrounded the house from all sides and refused policemen to allow to leave. This situation continued for three hours.

-District police chief and other senior police officials got the details of the incident and rushed to the village, but choose to camp outside the village at Hindustan Petroleum pump on national highway no.8. District Collector, DySP and others also rushed to the the petrol pump.

-One police man abducted by villagers escaped successfully. He managed to get basic medical treatment nearby and reached petrol pump.

-At petrol pump, District police chief called local Muslim leaders one-by-one to talk about release of abducted policemen.

-Local Muslim leaders Altaf Yakul Saleh, Sarpanch Abbasbhai Asodwala and Babu Bavla made condition that they would free the abducted cops only in exchange of release of four butchers arrested from the village. The DSP clearly told Muslims, “this is not Kashmir. If you wish to kill abducted policemen, go ahead, we will do what we need to do, but culprits will not be released.”

-After 12.00 the three police men were released and taken to petrol pump in police vehicle. They said they were not harmed during abduction.

-According to a report in local newspaper, 200 strong mob gathered to attack the police men only after an announcement from mosque. Women were kept on front side. Police was first attacked with chilly powder, and later with stones.

-Those arrested are Ismael Ahmed Limdawala, Harukh Mohammadhussain Bau Diwan, Abdul Ibrahim Limdawala, Mayuddin Umarji Ghanina.

-Muslims torched one police jeep.

-Muslim teenagers blocked a road connecting to the village by putting a tree and a bullock cart to prevent police’s entry.

-Police has filed complaint against a mob of 100-124 persons. More than 39 were identified within ours.

-All 100-125 are now facing charged under sections 307, 326, 395, 397, 353, 186, 332, 333, 224, 427, 428, 429, 435, 201.

9.55: Police raided Sansrod village
10.20: Gau Raksha volunteer ran away to rescue his life.
10.28: Attack on police.
10.50: PSI and others injured taken to hospital.
11.03:DySP Usha Rada arrived and camped outside the village.
11.28: Police team was waiting for more force to arrive.
11.45: DSP Sandip Sinh arrived at petrol pump.
11.51: Village leader Altaf Saleh met DSP.
11.59: Sarpanch Abbas Asodwala arrived at petrol pump and met the DSP.
12.07: Village leader Babu Bavla met the DSP.
12.13: DSP held meeting with village leaders.
12.15: Police team went inside the village in a jeep with local Muslim leaders.
12.20:Three abducted police men were taken to petrol pump.
1.22: District collector reached petrol pump.
3.00:Range IG Anupamsinh Gehlot reached petrol pump and met the DSP.
6.15: Police complaint filed.

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